Radiant Sisters of Battle, But I Can't Touch the Floor

  1. I mean, they did say it's on Radiant. That being said, you're absolutely right. I can't even imagine doing this.

  2. I wanted to do an insane challenge with radiant sisters of battle but you beat me to it! I still might do radiant nkg with only weaverlings.

  3. One of my favourite boss battles but this would ruin it for me if I tried it. I can't even beat the first pantheon.

  4. It's very rare that my jaw hangs open while watching someone do something impressive, but holy cow - I sat there slack jawed for 2 minutes just now. Absolutely brilliantly done.

  5. Huh, i guess i wans't the only one who thought of using glowing womb against them or the Mantis lords at radiant.

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