Radiant Sisters of Battle without jumping

  1. Hollow Knight players will literally do radiant Sisters of Battle without jumping instead of playing another game

  2. If you like mega man 2 music, I suggest a band that I’ve loved for a long time, the megas. Their first album is all of mega man 2 as a rock band with lyrics added to it.

  3. Can someone tell me how this was recorded because I have no experience in this kind of thing but right now I'm attempting absolute radiance without moving left or right and I want to record it as proof.

  4. Not OP but Windows has a built in recorder in the game bar with Win+Alt+R. OBS studio is also a good option if you're not on Windows but it's slightly more complicated to learn.

  5. You can cast descending dark while on the floor, which will cause the knight to do a little hop before plunging. OP doesn't use this for height though, since you can't cancel the animation, OP uses the I frames from the spell to dodge attacks.

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