identifying the live and neutral wire

  1. The voltage between neutral and ground should be minimal. If you have and know how to use a voltmeter. The live will have the line voltage between it and ground. Ah I just read your whole post. Your house ground is completely ineffective. You should fix that first. Plus, are you sure the fan cares?

  2. Hot to ground and hot to neutral should read somewhere around 120ish. Neutral to ground ground have 0v or close since they are bonded at the first means of disconnect, typically. Neutrals are only supposed to carry current back to the source.

  3. You have pink and orange. By chance do you have conduit, with 2 hots (fan and light) and a neutral? If so, you probably have a metal junction box which is ground via the conduit. Run a wire to a cold water pipe and use that as a ground to test.

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