So much for asking my sister to keep my plants watered while I was away for a week. Absolutely raging.

  1. We took a week vacation and asked our niece to water our plants. All of my peppers and tomatoes are in grow bags. I blame myself for telling her to water until you see the water dripping out of the bags.

  2. My plants look like that every day and bounce back every night, and that’s just from Texas heat. Yours should bounce back fine

  3. I really hope they do bounce back. I don’t want the effort out in from January until now to have been for absolutely nothing. They’ve got more than plenty water now. All I have to do is wait and see what happens.

  4. Hey man just wanted to say that we’ve been having a heatwave where I am and yesterday I had about 12-15 plants that looked like this, most much worse actually (dry and yellow leaves), so I rushed them all into the shade and gave them an absolutely soaking and today every single one has bounced back. The worst ones are dropping all the yellow leaves but the green stuff is looking good and healthy again, so yours should be absolutely fine :)

  5. Crush 300 mg of aspirin into one gallon of water and water them. They will be back in about three days

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