I lived in New Mexico for two years and developed a Hatch green chile addiction I don't think I'll ever be able to shake.

  1. I drove through Hatch NM once and have since developed a crippling addiction to these amazing peppers. They are so good.

  2. The pro move is to buy a ton of them, roast them and remove the skins, chop them and then freeze in smaller batches so that you can use them all throughout the year.

  3. This was what I knew as a chili relllenos in my time in SW Colorado in the late 1980s, preferably from Griegos's restaurant in Durango, CO. Less a dish than an appetizer/hand food. I LONG for them unnaturally,

  4. What are they like? Have some Hatch seasoning from Trader Joes but never tried a fresh pepper. Can’t say I’ve seen them up here in Canada.

  5. They have a huge amount of flavor and a good amount of heat. They go on everything. These ones are too spicy for anybody in my household so I'll have to freeze some. The smell is absolutely amazing when you're roasting them.

  6. I moved to Colorado from Chicago and I put them on everything now. They love their green chili out here. Put it on burgers, pizza, salad, pasta, eggs anything. I like it super spicy on burritos personally. I’m Chicago we have this condiment called Giardanera we put on everything. Similar concept.

  7. I hate you. Only because I grew up in CO and held strong with the Pueblo side of the “Pueblo v. Hatch” green chili debate. I then ordered a half bushel of hatch shipped for $80 because I was desperate for some green chili. Long story short, I’m a hatch guy now. (But they’re not as hot as Pueblo)

  8. I got a whole lot of these on sale, didn’t know what they were. I tried a bit of one didn’t taste like much and so I made it into a salsa. Oh boy good heat, its addictive in eggs!

  9. Got to roast them for full effect. Otherwise, yeah, it's a just a pepper. Part of the appeal is the embracing of the chili as the centerpiece of cuisine. Growing-up with pepper obsessed Italian-Americans, I was awed to see the chili perfection achieved in the southwest.

  10. I'm right there with you brother! I live in the Pacific Northwest and have a sack of New Mexico extra hot Hatch green chili sent to me every September

  11. I'm right there with you. I lived there too and I grow Hatch every year. NOTE: I'm in Ohio, so these grow in many zones, not just NM. When we travel out west, we fly back bricks of chopped & frozen green chile in our luggage.

  12. When they're choncky and fat fleshed they're ready, A little red blush is alright. They tend to thin and dry on the vine when fully red and then are best strung up to dry as red chili powder.

  13. Same! Lived in Abq for a couple years. Saw a bag of Hatch Chile’s at my local store today, omg they smell so good!

  14. Diablos or xxhots are similar to a serrano heat wise, big jim's and mirasols are closer to a jalapeño which I see plenty of on this sub

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