Her accent is the worst thing I have ever heard. Creole? Just laughably bad.

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  2. Agreed, I feel like this is inevitable considering all of the negative feedback. The show runners left the the actress, Sonoya Mizuno, out to dry deciding to go with that accent

  3. I always thought Aiden Gillen would have been much better off if he just went with his native Irish accent for Littlefinger.

  4. Really hoping they drop it entirely next season and let her speak with her natural accent. I honestly think viewers would forget about it after 1 episode; other characters changed accents and got recast and it was fine (in GOT)

  5. In her first episode her accent was fine in the few lines she got then the made it a frustrating mix of accents and mispronounciations its grim

  6. They could have just given her a normal British accent after the time-skip. It would make sense in-universe for someone like her with such a vast information network to have adapted to a Westerosi accent. I have a relative who had a thick ass Filipino accent who moved to the UK over ten years ago. Now he’s got a proper London accent after living there for so long. Ffs I’m a Filipino who lives in the Philippines but who speaks English in an American accent after watching so many American movies and cartoons growing up. Accents can change.

  7. I think her scene with Otto in episode 9 is especially bad because it sounds like her dialogue was added in as ADR, which makes it uncanny. Her earlier scenes were pretty bad, but her reappearance at the end of the season were jarring with how awful they were, which I think is a combo of the ADR and terrible accent.

  8. It really was bad. I mean I would understand a real accent but it was so weird, it sounded like a bunch of accents all in one.

  9. And you can just tell she is trying so hard to force the words out in the "right" way. It's so distracting and makes her sound like an idiot.

  10. Sounds like Jar Jar Binks. I have to cut the subtitles on every time she comes on. I can only hope and pray that they listen to the audience and drop that accent. The actual actress doesn’t have one it’s like a bad Jamaican accent

  11. They should either drop the accent and let her talk how she normally does, or go all-in and dub over her to actually talk like Jarjar.

  12. I genuinely cried laughing because I made a joke about her sounding like Jarjar Binks to my boyfriend when we were watching. He had to pause the show because I could not stop. I'm glad I'm not the only one who though that lmao

  13. Doesn't really have much to do with her & her accent, but I've switched to full time subtitles when watching shows & movies. 32 year old that has definitely declined in the hearing department, plus I don't necessarily have to keep the remote in my hand to adjust the volume when it goes from a character whispering to epic battle music just like that 🫰.

  14. Yeah i hope they just drop it for season 2 and we will never speak of it again. She is a really great character, comrade Mysaria i'm rooting for her!

  15. Didn’t mind it in the first episode, even in ep 2 it was.. fine? But in ep 9 it became too much, but luckily they can easily soften it in season 2, Shae had the perfect accent.

  16. I was so excited to see she was in this, especially since the original series had no Asian characters at all. Except a priestess in essos in season 5 that Varys and Tyrion are watching from afar lol. But then she started talking and i was like “noooo what is happening?!!?!”

  17. In what was she good? I'm asking seriously because it's only the second time I see her and the second time I don't really like her. I thought she was pretty bad in Devs too.

  18. She's from the Free City of Lorath, like Shae on Game of Thrones. So they have her imitating Shae's accent, which in reality, was English with a Turkish accent.

  19. Yes, I thought the same thing. She’s not from Westeros, and she’s been in different places her whole life so I didn’t think much of her accent at all. It made sense in the context for me.

  20. I seriously don't know what they were thinking letting her speak like that. Its not even her real accent so there's no excuse. They (her and the show) actively made that choice, and it was a terrible one lol

  21. Yes her real accent is more natural and lot easier to listen(and understand). Maybe it's me overthinking, but I really hope it was not showrunners' descision to be like "Oh she's (half) Asian, let's go for a weird Asian-y accent. People would think that's nore natural."

  22. I think the producers were thinking 'she's been traded all around the Summer Sea and maybe beyond, a hodge-podge of accents makes sense'.

  23. Seeing as canonically it's basically Planetos' answer to Florence (mercantile city state, eventually ruled by a Lorenzo Medici analogue, literally have 'gonfaloniere' as a noble title), they 'should' be Italian.

  24. I haven’t rewatched the show yet so maybe my memory is just off, but I swear her accent changed throughout the show. The Jamaican-like accent we hear in her final appearance of the season didn’t seem to be the same as her earlier appearances.

  25. I really don't have a problem with this accent. It's a made up accent for a made up world. I understand people having an issue with it sounding like a fake french creole accent, but I justify it by saying it's influenced by some other accent in this made-up world.

  26. The problem isn't the accent itself, it's that she sounds like someone pretending to do an accent instead of someone who has an accent.

  27. Man, I knew I was in the minority, but I feel she's selling the HELL out of that accent. She gives some of her backstory and she's from a Free City, but was also sold and traveled around, ending up in King's Landing. Wouldn't it make sense that her accent is a weird amalgamation of a bunch of different (fictional) places?

  28. It's not supposed to be a Creole accent. There's no such thing as a Creole accent in Westeros. Her accent can be anything distinct from other characters' accents.

  29. this. the reason people think it sounds off is because they think it's supposed to sound a certain way to begin with. which it's not.

  30. I mean, there's no England in Westeros either. I think it just stands out to people because it's the only accent in the show not based on a real world nationality. (That we know of).

  31. I kind of hear a sort of weird French Polynesian/Vietnamese thing, which would be in theme with the whole oppressed background she has.

  32. Interesting! In the French version of the show she speaks totally normally, with no particular accent. Sometimes we do not perceive a character in the same way depending on the dubbing.

  33. Ey dun no wat yar takkin about her aczent iz todali fine tu mi, on a real tho whoever cast her knowing her accent was this bad or if she’s faking the accent and they kept it in has to be fired. Her acting is fine it’s just hearing her speak is cringeworthy

  34. I actually liked it. According to me, the people who disliked her accent are ignorant and racist. You can’t change my opinion. My opinion’s my opinion, none of your opinion.

  35. It’s a fiction story in a fictional universe, of course her accent may sound weird to you, wherever she is from isn’t a real place with a real language.

  36. Am I the only who has no problem understanding her? I guess that is probably because English is not my first language so she doesnt sound so weird to me

  37. Why is an accent such a pain point for this fan base? Who gives a crap guys.. it's all about plot and pacing. Who cares how they sound lol!

  38. It always amazes me how people will decide that the only legitimate accents are ones mimicking what “sounds right” to their ears and anything beyond that vague range of “traditional” dialects is “wrong.”

  39. Hot take: I liked it, it reminded me of the one girl from the show Black Sails. I really think she only messed up a few syllables, not sure what the fuss is about, I want more!

  40. I don’t know why the the bluntness of “her accent is the worst thing I have ever heard” made me laugh out loud

  41. I don't know why is everyone giving her shit, I thought she sounded really pretty. Like, slightly French? Idk. As a European, her accent didn't bother me at all.

  42. I find this to be one of the most obnoxious criticisms of the show. Implying they’re going for an earth-based accent such as Creole is moronic. It’s a fictional world with an entirely different geography, there are going to be accents which sound absolutely nothing like anything we have in reality. It may still sound dumb, but I think it only emphasizes how different their world is from ours.

  43. I'm not criticizing a made up accent i'm saying that its bad and it affects her performance. Maybe someone else could have done it with an ease that sounds believable but its sounds like she is reciting each word of her lines instead of a character just speaking. I love this show and its ok to criticize it, everything else is amazing.

  44. People pick the strangest things to get worked up over. She's playing a fictional character from a fictional land. But a fictional accent is where you draw the line??? Weird flex

  45. I guess I'm in the minority but I really don't have an opinion on fictional accents. I get it. I understand what shes saying. She's from far away and Westerosi isn't her first language.

  46. Does it have to have a real world counterpart? It doesn't bother me at all because I'm not trying to make it fit a real accent

  47. I must be way in the minority here. Thought it was bad at first. But very interesting. It grew on me. Idk if it fits into the world of wesslteros at all

  48. It’s actually really well done. It’s not like anything in this world because they are in a made up world. People are way too hard on this fantastic actress.

  49. It was fine at first but whatever French Caribbean something or other it suddenly became really took me out of her later scenes.

  50. I think she’s supposed to have the same accent as Shae, so I see the similarities, but she needs to speed it up or something. It’s just so… unnatural.

  51. And she’s a talented actress, which is even weirder. I’m very confused why someone didn’t call a timeout and say what in the hell is this accent.

  52. She does the accent we did as kids when we were trying to sound French. “Dis iz ze wah ah spek!”

  53. You don't like the accent in a fake world but you never know where it could originate in a fake world. Why does it have to be an Earth accent?

  54. Tbf there’s a bunch of creole languages. It sounds like a Caribbean accent that becoming assimilated to a more western society (or just a westeros one). Kinda like Guyanese Creole with the queens English. They’ll over pronounce words to make it seem more proper but it comes out weird.

  55. On rewatching GoT (I made it to s6 this time, I dunno if I can keep going though, it’s gotten so bad) but man the accents are terrible. Littlefinger seems to change constantly and Tyrion is just distracting

  56. I don’t think it was supposed to be creole. I’m assuming an Asian accent. She has Japanese ancestry. Maybe she was trying to work it into this character.

  57. How do you know that in a long time ago or in some future world that people don’t have transient accents such as hers? There’s nothing in the laws of physics that prohibit it.

  58. I'm one of the few people that doesn't have a problem wti her accent. Foreigners don't always have a nice accent, especially when their mother language is spelled very differently.

  59. Where on a map of Westeros/Essos can you see Haiti? Nowhere. So is it supposed to be a Creole accent? Probably not.

  60. man why’d you have to say something everyone was turning a blind eye so she wouldn’t get bullied it’s not really a big deal she’s a smaller character

  61. Why you hating, are you from easteros? Do you know how people east of the dothraki sea talk? Why people always hating! She ain’t speaking creaole, she’s people E.A.S.TE.R.O.S.I get your geography straight.

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