The Kool-Aid is in: Nebraska opens as 10.5 favorites

  1. I know it’s a joke about it’s an even year so northwestern will be good but they aren’t the same team since losing assistant coaches after 2020. They also are in one of the worst spots in the p5 in terms of QBs at the moment. They are gonna be down for a few years.

  2. They also picked up 11 p5 players from the portal and have won the west division more times than we have. No game is a gimme on our schedule.

  3. This is probably more of a reflection on Northwestern than it is us. This is also an absolute must win. It sets the tone for the whole season like Illinois did.

  4. I was hoping it was season W totals. UNDER season W total for Neb has been a winner for several seasons running. I got in an under ticket over in CB during Frost's first season . . . clerk was shocked, asked me if I meant to play OVER. I said no, wanted the under. She told me the vast majority of the bets she'd taken had been on Huskers to win B10. The Under was a winner before Halloween. Never change Husker fans. Never change. If W total is at 8 or higher, I'm def going Under again.

  5. Except for last year. It should be the same this year but we seem to come out of the gate slow with Frost.

  6. I hate spreads over the hook. Don't take that bet unless you have Nebraska winning by 14+. Feels like a bet you start to like after you've been tailgating all morning.

  7. I can see that for the game against Northwestern. We are the better team, however Northwestern is better coached. I’d take the under at 10 instead of 10.5.

  8. 3-0 start. Lose to Oklahoma and then Purdue and Illinois will be huge iffy games. To me, those two will determine where this team is truly at. They’ll drop. The last 4. 5-7 kool aid for me.

  9. Until Nebraska can win they games they should I can't drink the Kool-aid. NW is tricky and I have typically love our games with them more than any other, but with the exception of a few years here and there, this should be one of those games we should win.

  10. Scott Frost is 1-6 in season openers and games coming off a bye week. Add in the wrinkle of playing in a foreign country, this thing is a coin flip imo. I’ll most likely bet heavy Northwestern ML.

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