TSH is the highest ER doctor has ever seen????

  1. i had it for years but they told me nothing was physically wrong so they couldnt give me synthroid. now the swelling started and the tsh is off the charts. thanks for replying!

  2. Hypothyroidism causes hair loss and weight gain. And that’s just the start of it. Taking Synthroid (Levothyroxine) should help with those symptoms and make you feel better.

  3. definitely sounds scary. online i keep seeing that the synthroid can do the opposite so which is why i turned toreddit bc i already have experienced it with getting on and off birth control to manage my pcos. that's why i have like some sort of pill-trauma and prefer supplements.

  4. Past a certain point, the specific TSH level isn't that informative. I've seen higher numbers. The important thing is to get started ASAP on the treatment.

  5. I cannot stress this enough: take the synthroid. You can still take the supplements you’ve been using for your PCOS but my god please just take the synthroid.

  6. i promise ill take it. i read your post this morning bc it was the first one i saw in my gmail box and i really appreciated how straightforward your response was. i know now that i cant avoid this bc literally my tongue and throat are swelling up.

  7. With your thyroid function so low, your organs may start to shut down. Get on synthroid. You’ll start to feel better.

  8. I have PCOS which was discovered last year, decided to get an IUD to help the symptoms. I’ve also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for about 11 or so years now, but the highest my TSH has ever been was 20.

  9. No taking isn't an option with your TSH being that high. Your hair loss is because of your thyroid and really the least of the problems you'll have gone untreated it also causes heart deases so get taking those pills. After you get to the correct dose of thyroid medication you'll feel like a whole new person and you will actually be able to loose weight. I'm not going to lie in the beginning the thyroid medication will make you feel strange and it's usually not pleasant and can take quite a while to get to the proper dosage but sooooo worth it.

  10. Take Synthroid. This is not a condition for homeopathy. You won’t care about your weight or hair if you are in a coma.

  11. Without a lab range the numbers don't really mean anything. You also need a full thyroid panel, not just TSH. But beyond that, hypothyroidism can be threatening if untreated. It also can cause weight gain and hair loss. Are you saying you have to stop those supplements if you start Synthroid?

  12. What about your ft3? The actual active hormone every single cell in our body needs. It’s not enough to just test for ft4. But since that’s low, you are definitely hypo.

  13. you can take synthroid while using your funny oils. this medicine will save you. your pcos symptoms will also improve with synthroid.

  14. not putting my hair over my health, it's just been a traumatic 10 years almost with hair loss and hormonal weight gain from pcos. i just started making progress and feeling confident with my femininity and i didnt want to be robbed of that.

  15. I was at 119/super low t4 when I was diagnosed. Took about 6 months to feel better and get dosage right! I was pretty alarmed by my number too, but it really didn't impact my treatment at all.

  16. Been taking B vitamins?!? This can jack your numbers- mine was 88 and my doctor thought the labs screwed up and had me take it again. Then I learned about the biotin (or some b vitamins!) and how it affects the TSH

  17. I took b12 twice in the past month that was prescription level but nothing too crazy... that's interesting. I stopped biotin years ago.

  18. Biotin is the only vitamin that intereferes with thyroid test processing, resulting with incorrect lab test results. No other B vitamins or other vitamins interfere with thyroid tests. Biotin causes falsely decreased TSH, and falsely increased FT4 and FT3.

  19. I was crying so much and it was so saddening bc she warned me years ago but back then my levels were normal. I just had the Hashimoto antibodies back then. She's kind and told me I wouldn't gain more weight but i kept asking her questions about well if this is happening now and i've always struggled with this...what's next.

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