i think they underestimate how long we are willing to watch these assholes be assholes

  1. That is the single best episode of the series. The acting is off the charts good from everyone, even the Snail.

  2. Whenever I re-watch the earlier seasons there's always the occasional hint that reminds me just how old this show actually is. Like when you see the characters with flip phones and when you see YouTube's old layout with the 5 stars.

  3. same, started watching my senior year of high school and now i’m in my senior year of college waiting to watch them do the same fuckery but in ireland this time

  4. I started with The Nightman Cometh in middle school. A friend said it's my type of humor. Boy was he right

  5. Started watching a little bit after the end of high school, left and suffered through some grueling military time for almost 4 years and my sense of humor has probably gotten worse, maturity wise

  6. I was on a work trip to NYC (from the UK) back in about 2008, and a guy from the office took me out drinking the night before. I woke up on the floor of my apartment with a pizza stuck to my face, called in sick and spent the day alternating between throwing up and lying on the couch watching a marathon of the first three seasons. I feel like hungover is the perfect way to see the show for the first time.

  7. I'll get dogpiled here for this opinion, but I think the humour of the first season is legitimately high art in the genre. there's a subtly and sophistication to it that doesn't translate into a large enough audience to pay the bills, but "the gang gets racist" might very well be the funniest episode of a show that's ever graced television in my opinion.

  8. That's what you think now. But Isaac Newton is gonna come by and blow your nips off by proving it isn't and make you all look like a bunch of stupid science bitches.

  9. Not Isaac Newton, but I think "Last of the Summer Wine" is the longest running sitcom in TV history. First aired 1973, last episode 2010.

  10. Exactly. I was going to comment, "those jabronis could've thrown in the towel whenever they wanted.“ But they haven't. They keep renewing their contracts, bc they love their show and their degenerate fans. Glenn stepped back for a minute because he could, but didn't quit completely, bc he still loved it. Also, a 40+ year old dude with dad-bod doesn't put his body thru hell getting ripped for his show, if he isn't loving it.

  11. I was starting a rewatch and just spent time truly appreciating how absolutely fucking absurd Danny Devito coming on and turning into Frank Reynolds really is. Just bonkers watching the transformation over the years

  12. The part where he gets an upset stomach after pounding a beer and just starts burping and frothing at the mouth is forever engrained in my brain. It’s just absolutely perfect.

  13. I know! I think I heard he was just going to do 1 episode or something and he fucking loved it so they brought him onto the show as a regular. I can't picture it without him now.

  14. I wonder why crime drama series have an easier time staying on the air longer. I can think of 5 with more than 15 seasons.

  15. Comedy has to be funny, and funny is largely dependant on novelty. The same characters and situations over time get harder and harder to make funny.

  16. And to think, if That 80s Show wasn't a steaming pile of shit when it came out, we'd potentially have a completely different Dennis and it might have sucked.

  17. I think they should do another wrestling ep with Green man vs Man-spider. I feel like that episode had so much potential there for more. Mac could get jealous because he's not involved and do a surprise villain entrance as the Nightman..

  18. I was gathering my nice IASIP dvd collection and then they just stopped making them! There's no way for me to get a manufactured by FX copy of the latter seasons.

  19. Absolutely, they can go any direction they want with it. It makes for some great off-the-wall content.

  20. It kinda feels like South Park in that way as well. Obviously SP could do more pop culture references and stuff, but it's really based on not caring too much about continuity and just making a single self-contained episode about whatever crazy/funny theme they came up with. And yeah, SP with like 20+ seasons or something and still going. Characters not aging at all helps, too.

  21. My favorite episodes were always the ones where they picked a philosophical concept and absolutely went to town on it in the dumbest possible way, like a drunk, trashy Star Trek TNG.

  22. I would love to have a season-long arc where Frank dies and may or may not be haunting the bar. Start with a season premiere: “Frank Dies”. Have Dennis and Dee move on immediately, but have Charlie mourn. In the next few episodes have glimpses of Frank in a few shots. Next, do an episode where Charlie ties one on and spends the whole night at the bar talking with Frank. In the morning Charlie realizes what happened. “Charlie Sees A Ghost” would have him trying to convince the gang that Frank’s ghost is haunting the bar. This becomes a running bit for a few episodes.

  23. I want an episode where they're all in they're 80s in a nursing home except frank is there too and nobody ever acknowledges how that could even be possible

  24. I’ll watch it for the rest of my life as long as they keep making it. Out of the shows I rotate through to watch in the background iasip is my absolute favorite

  25. It's kinda strange hearing them.shit on their own show so frequently in the pod. I get that they have to be their own harshest critics but it's like damn, make us feel like.jackasses for loving something you created!

  26. Both of the episodes tonight proved they definitely deserve to still be on the air. I can’t wait until the next two episodes drop.

  27. I wanna see them so bad but I think my husband and I are waiting for the entire season to air so we can binge lol That's definitely our preferred method for watching new TV shows but this one is hard to wait for

  28. He must mean US TV history, because British sitcom "Last of the Summer Wine" ran for 37 years and 295 episodes.

  29. Yes it is, because the tweet isn’t correct. It isn’t the longest running unless of course, this is simply missing the words ‘in American TV history’

  30. I remember being introduced to this in college. I was a big Seinfeld fan and my buddy’s like “what if the Seinfeld Character’s were dicks and the owned a bar, and the Danny Devito showed up”?

  31. I remember Chris Hardwick interviewing Charlie Day on his podcast, and he asked him when/if they would ever end IASIP, and Charlie Day was just perplexed by that, and answered "Why would we stop?"

  32. Without meaning to I binged the entire latest season while working from home today. There's something about this show that helps put it among the timeless comedy series.

  33. I never watched the series from the beginning, but picked it up when I saw my very first episode, Frank Retires. Holy shit, I was cracking up about how much blood they drained from Frank and how he practically died to realize the bar is what keeps him alive. Since then, it has become my favorite show to watch. I can’t wait for Lethal Weapon Seven

  34. I highly recommend their new podcast if you’re a fan of the show. They break down each episode starting with the first and it’s hilarious.

  35. My friend said he can only watch people be pieces of shit for so long before it makes him sad. I genuinely had to question if I’m fucked up for loving this show so dearly.

  36. This show gets dizzy laughter from me. Screaming, leaning forward roaring laughter. I am untethered and my joy knows no bounds.

  37. I think they may have some what of a guesstamation as to how long we'll watch, you know, because of the implication.

  38. For me, the episode where Dee gives birth is a high point. That moment where Caitlin comes rolling out holding her real-life baby and Rob just gleams with joy brings a tear to my eye.

  39. Genuinely talented, hard working actors creating some really subversive content that tickles the funny bone in new and interesting ways.

  40. There's actually a British sitcom that ran for over 30 years called last of the summer wine. So not longest in TV history, just US TV...

  41. I started watching this around 6th or 7th grade, I'm 25 now and it's still my favorite show. I still clearly remember singing Dayman down the breeze way to one of my classes in 8th grade.

  42. I wrote a paper in my high school psychology class about the gang, the assignment was analyze the characters of any TV show and write a paper on it, and the only show I could think of that would make a great paper was IASIP

  43. Exactly. Last two definitely. Basically after Rob got ripped. Or after Mac comes out, shows just got weaker, because of Mac denial was reduced by a substentional theme.

  44. The last season was over-the-top in socially relevant topics/commentary and wasn't particularly funny. Like new Simpsons level unfunny.

  45. I'm going to have a guess and say this guys post history is wild. You do know that in the very first season they cover racism, abortion and gun control.

  46. I'm still waiting for this fucking shark stunt they keep promising. Each year I come back and everyone is doing nothing but talking about this super rad stunt tape for sure happening this time and it never shows up!

  47. I must have a reddit death wish for saying this in here but this show has now sucked for half it's life. It's been nothing but call back jokes and bad plastic surgery for ten seasons now. All the memes, all the hilarious references, all come from the first 9 seasons. Deep down you know its true

  48. It's definitely a different beast now altogether. Everything from the look of the show to the characters have changed a lot.

  49. I got through like three episodes. I just can’t. Does it get “better”, or no? I know I’ll get hate for saying that, and I’m okay with that. To each his own.

  50. Sunny is the product of political correctness pushed down our throats. If we are going to be accused of not being pc then we might as well do it up big time.

  51. I only watch this show socially and everyone I've watched it with and I've met who likes it is a terrible person and unashamed of it.

  52. Damn that's crazy. I'm genuinely trying to think what other live action sitcom had 14 seasons and i dont know. Cheers and Modern Family were 11. Seinfeld, The Office and How I met Your Mother were 9. Those werw my best guesses. Anyone know?

  53. Hey, where can I (canadian) watch the show? I watched up to season 8 on Disney plus but I dont know where to go for any seasons past 8.

  54. So I started watching in 2008 after a classmate in Airman Leadership School told us about this show and how his buddy from High School wrote and stared in the show. Been a fan ever since!

  55. We are all Golden Gods and Goddesses. We haven’t even begun to peak, nor has the show. Gonna peak so hard. Love all my sunny people!

  56. I vividly remember my friends and I coming across this show season 1 and laughing our asses off. I was 14, now im 31 lol.

  57. Now they must meet the Seinfeld gang at a spot equidistant from Philly and NYC. Frank and Kramer having is an easy start.

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