experiences with ILC?

  1. I left in person highschool at the end of my grade 10 year and decided to do grade 11 and 12 through ilc. Currently, I’ve earned 6 credits and halfway through two more. Switching to ilc was the best decision I ever made, I love it. My marks have been way better, I’ve been able to finish courses way quicker than I would have at in person school, and the flexible schedule is amazing. I know my situation is quite different from yours, but I just wanted to share how I really like ILC and so far it’s been working in getting me where I need to go. :)

  2. I'm in the same position as you. I've completed high school, took some time off and am looking to upgrade my 12u courses. And honestly it's been a great experience so far. I've been able to learn at my own pace. Do the assignments at my own pace and I feel like I have a way better understanding of the courses than the way I was taught when I was in high school. I've done 3 this year, currently doing my last one. Ended with much higher grades than I did in high school. The only thing I was not thrilled about was using proctor u for final exams. If you really hate it send them an email and they are accommodating to switch you to Microsoft teams for final exams. MFH 4U, SPH 4U, SCH 4U, and currently doing MCV 4U

  3. Did you have to do gr 11 university courses to get accepted to do gr 12 ilc ones? I have my high school diploma but all grades suck. Im looking to get bio, chem, math at gr12 university level…

  4. It all depends on your willingness to learn and if you are able to learn without any guidance from a teacher. that will make or break it.

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