[Nathan Brown] Jimmie on running in '23: “There’s a lot of steps in between now & announcing...but I feel like Chip is open to it & I think the team members would be really excited to have me back." Chip: "Jimmie and I are congruent in our plans going forward.”

  1. AKA: “if I want to keep racing I’ll be welcomed back no matter my performance because I come with 9 dump trucks full of money”

  2. Honestly, if Johnson spends this season getting the snot kicked out of him again, and STILL comes back next year, more power to him for being persistent.

  3. Agreed, also he’s not like Milka Duno bad where he’s in the way and just a hazard. Yeah he’s slow some times but he’s not awful.

  4. To head off the inevitable comments to the effect, the seat doesn't exist without him so he's not keeping anyone out of a ride.

  5. First thing my mind went to. Hell yeah those crew members want to see him back, otherwise they don't have a car to work on lol.

  6. I've never been a NASCAR person but after a year of Jimmie in Indycar, I frickin' love the guy. His backstory of just coming in to challenge himself with nothing to prove is deeply compelling, and what he brings to the series couldn't easily be replaced by another driver.

  7. I've always viewed Jimmie Johnson - when he was still in NASCAR - the NASCAR equivalent of Scott Dixon; a guy that was incredibly experienced, would periodically have some down times and rough runs, however no matter what you could absolutely never count him out of a win unless his car was torn up in pieces or parked. I would get the same "late stage race dread" I got and still get with Dixon that I did with Johnson when I would watch NASCAR.

  8. Jimmie was always going to be able to stick around as long as he wanted to, since Carvana was willing to participate as long as he was involved. If he does well this year, I don't see how he doesn't continue with CGR. Rossi would have to deliver one heck of a slump busting season to get Chip to push Jimmie aside.

  9. Well that certainly puts a damper on the “Rossi to CGR” thing Rossi fans have been saying lately....

  10. I’m just happy 7 time nascar champ, Jimmie Johnson wants to remain a full time indycar driver.

  11. I know it is Reddit but I think people are starting to wise up to the idea that Jimmie makes that car happen and brings in eyeballs...which is good for IndyCar.

  12. Outside of F1 where it is painfully difficult to get new cars in the field and a shitty pay driver is legitimately taking someone's seat, I don't care if you want to drive around in the back of any series if you can fund the car and aren't a dangerous mobile chicane.

  13. Yes, and the guy is not even complaining. He is trying to learn, trying to improve himself at that age. Considering successes he had in his motorsports career, guy has nearly zero ego.

  14. I bet a lot depends on if he is competitive at all on the ovals. If those races go just as poorly, I doubt his ego could take another year (nor could many other peoples except Dalton Kellett I guess).

  15. His ego? gtfo man. The guy left the series where he is arguably the GOAT to try a form of racing he had zero experience in. I'd say his ego is pretty rock solid if he is willing to make that sort of a leap.

  16. I think he’s been a massive influence on Palou honestly. Jimmie has that champion mindset and is probably influencing him a lot so that’s a positive for sure

  17. lol no, he wouldn't think that at all. Jimmie isn't a businessman like Jeff is, he has never shown any interest in administration or ownership.

  18. It's Great to hear something Other than F-1 Comparisons being discussed on an IndyCar Thread. JJ is also bringing in an Auto Related Sponsor, in Carvana.

  19. I was confused for too long there, I thought this meant Jimmie was on his way back to NASCAR. I momentarily forgot Ganassi wrapped things up there

  20. Probably mentioned elsewhere but I can't help but wish he had made this switch earlier in his career. I know he had the talent to be competitive, I just fear he waited a couple years too late to try this out. Either way, happy he's here, brings in sponsors and fans who might have otherwise not been inclined to watch. All around amazing guy and racing champion.

  21. He brings good sponsorship money but if he doesn't show better results then it will be a quality ride going to a guy who doesn't deserve it. Although I suppose that ride would not exist without Jimmie.

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