is a little unsure who the idiot is

  1. Yeah... Those are the dangerous ones. My dad had a friend like that. Calmest dude ever... On the surface. Some guy tried several times to start a fight with him, then one day he caved, beat the crap out of the dude and pour alcohol on him and was about to light him on fire. Just like that... Took 6 people to keep him from lighting the man on fire. Insane stuff.

  2. Yeah, but the bike is stopped in the middle of the roadway, blocking the man from continuing on his way. And kicking the vehicle while threatening people too. He asked for it. Regardless of the previous situation the Biker has a camera yet the clip isn’t shown here.

  3. Yeah, because the best way to escape a murderer is to jam your vehicle on top of a motorcycle

  4. Considering the car driver is a licensed cab driver then i suppose it is he who is the idiot.

  5. Cabbies in the UK are all either too old or too fucking braindead to do normal jobs & yet they manage to fuck up only task they have. Taxi license means fuck all unless it’s a London black cab which requires ‘the knowledge’ which is a taxi test.

  6. Old guy cut motorbike off so motorbike I broke wing mirror off now giving the driver the right to drive away including hitting the attacker/bike with car to get away (motorbiker I believe got punished more then the old man did if he got punished at all)

  7. Did the biker break the mirror on the driver side during the verbal abuse? It is there (unharmed) at the beginning but then seems to be missing as grandpa driving away.

  8. I'm wondering if the car guy would have gotten away Scott free in court. He was being threatened with his life, and that WAS the most efficient route of escape...

  9. I believe he did (once he broke mirror off had legal right to get away including nocking his bike or that person out of the way)

  10. it's mostly car dependent Americans. they can absent-mindedly run a pedestrian over, and then somehow "feel threatened" inside their little tank when other pedestrians cluster and touch their car's paint job, leaving these reluctant heroes of the road with no choice but to run over 6 more pedestrians in "self defense".

  11. Dude smacked old guys car first and was threatening him old guy said it was accident. I think old man showed Badass biker who the real badass was.

  12. I made my point wrong they are both in the wrong and the biker who appears to be filming the situation tried to make out the man in the car is the bad guy we don't know the man in the car could have done something wrong or put the bikers life at risk or the biker could have been acting like an idiot in the first place

  13. the man recording said the driver of the car pulled out the roundabout while the recorder was coming down? idk what the hell that means though, maybe the car almost hit the biker.

  14. Was a long time ago this but as the biker broke his wing mirror off it gave him the legal right to escape by any means including driving through his motorbike

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