Seriously? Colorado?

  1. least shut the hood to the first latch. That will also help contain the fire when one cable pops off and causes a short and electrical fire.

  2. Not condoning what they are doing, but if you close the hood, and you don't move the jumpers, they can make contact via the metal hood then you have a nice fire to put out

  3. A old diesel yes. Gas no, it needs the alternator to generate power for the spark plugs. Newer cars need power for the electronics.

  4. Hand in hand ❤️ What a lovely couple.. Sharing the energy, the secret to an happy marriage

  5. About 15 years ago was pulled in a lay by on the way to skegness (English seaside place) about 1am and a random guy walks over asking for a jump start, said didnt have cables but luckily he did. As I was connecting the 2nd cable a huge amount of sparks flew everywhere shit me right up. Looked over his side and he had connected the wrong way round. Had a go at him but still helped. Small part of me feels lucky as one if the clips had no rubber on the handles, felt very lucky that night. Went to skeg had a walk on the beach and left, was young and we drove everywhere just for the lols

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