He was alright but damn that car didn't even slow down.

  1. This could be a new camera market. Cameras specifically designed to stay stable during motorcycle crashes to save good quality videos so you can post them on Reddit in maximum quality use them as evidence for your insurance claims.

  2. I see alot of people not actually properly strapping it on. Helmets can't protect you if the first thing that happens in an accident is it flying off from not even being secured.

  3. Honestly, who the hell drives that fast when they’re so distracted? I used to do that shit because I was a dumb teenager and would always find myself below the speed limit because even dipshit 16yo me wasn’t stupid enough to drive at speed distracted.

  4. And this is precisely why you wear full clothing when on a motorcycle. If this guy didn’t have long sleeves and pants he would’ve likely had less skin.

  5. Upvote because I watched a situation 2 weeks ago where wearing more clothes would have saved someone a cut down to the bone. New rider, 2 weeks total. Yeeted himself off the side of the dragons tail in Tennessee. Tree stopped him. Tree also cut his shin to the bone because he was wearing basketball shorts.

  6. I love bikes, but never want to own another road bike really. I'll take a bike to a track or trails but don't need to get in a road accident with a 3000lb car even if I'm wearing full gear.

  7. I work with victims and see so many motorcyclists like this man. The situations are always like this too, approached from behind. Most are when the rider is stopped at a light and mofo just plows into them. Some make it, just barely, and some don’t. :(

  8. Keep your head on a swivel, ride defensively. When coming to a stop, pay attention to your mirrors and if there's a car in front of you, don't stop directly behind them so you don't get pinned. Just some advice if you do :)

  9. I had one when I was younger. I will never have one again nor did I let my kids think it was a good idea.

  10. Wear bright colors, for some reason people here downvote me cause i mention there is not enough contrast. From the back that bike doesn't show much green and the rider is in all black on dark asphalt. An idiot will still crash into you regardless of how bright and visible you are though.

  11. Don't get a motorcycle. I personally knew three people who died in a crash while riding their motorcycles. One of them was a really good friend, only 26 years old. He just moved to a big city to live his dreams. Had an interview lined up with a good company. Good kid all around. Safest rider I know. A van switched lanes into him and gave him a slight bump. It was enough for him to be ejected from his bike and tumble about on the road. He died of internal bleeding at the hospital.

  12. Anger with a huge shot of adrenaline! A huge shot!! IF he was wearing a HR monitor, I would like to see the readings.

  13. Yeah it also helps not to stop in the middle of a fast road for no reason other than you saw your buddy coming in the other direction 🤣 Still majority car fault though..

  14. Buy a used convertible as a second car instead. It will last longer and the worst one is safer than the best motorcycle. You can actually safely feel the wind in your hair and on your skin.

  15. These clips are not the normal riding experience. Most people have no interest in watching a calm and relaxing ride, so youre not going to see the fun side in a sub dedicated to dramatic situations. Take a safety course some time and decide for yourself once youve experienced it first hand.

  16. A guy at my work almost died in a bike crash where someone illegal pulled out in front of him. He was going like hwy speed. 20+ years riding, the absolute best riding gear, and it came down to luck. He got launched off the bike not really hitting the car, and tumbled through some tall grass that gently slowed him down.

  17. Buy cheap used Japanese bike first. Regardless of style honda has cruisers, suzuki/kawasaki got sport bikes,dual sports, etc. Cheaper, likely more reliable/forgiving than a harley of same price, and you'll lose less money if you upsize/decide its not for you. Idk about currant models but my 06 suzuki vstrom 650 is stuuuuuupid easy to do self maintenance.

  18. Don’t do it if you care about your friends and family. The risks are too high and it’s not in your control once you’re on the road.

  19. It's because they slammed on the brakes and either the car dipped right or they tried maneuvering to the right of the bike. Hard to say how fast they were going because of the camera lens.

  20. Yes, but the thing is, car as private transportation is a flawed frarmework. We could get all these reckless idiots off the roads (wish we actually did!), but then we'd still have those who are unsafe, but involuntarily so (intrinsically bad drivers), those that have poorer attention (even if not texting or such, day dreaming is enough to cause an accident). Then your still left with some other types of bad drivers that are not as bad but still put others at risk. Even if you got rid of all of these and were left with all the better or much better than average drivers, they are all still humans, and therefore will make mistakes from time to time. We all do, we have to admit it and thankfully they are inconsequential most of the time, but not always.

  21. Strap your helmet buddy. No girl ever has been like “wasn’t gunna smash til I saw those helmet straps dangling” Gunna be harder to pick em up when you’re drooling the rest your life

  22. More likely it was chaffing him or he's just too lazy to do it up. I doubt he was trying to be 'cool' to pick up girls.

  23. I watched this video on YouTube (motomadness). The guy on the green bike was going in the opposite direction originally and a biker behind him went off the road in a corner. The biker slowed and made a u-turn to the direction he was traveling when hit. It seems like he slowed down because the other biker was back up and riding in the original direction. That was when the car hit him. Hopefully someone can find the original video.

  24. The driver of the car was probably too busy staring at his phone to pay attention. Totally the person in the car's fault. Still, speaking as a lifelong rider, your safety is your responsibility; you can't expect anyone else to look out for you. When you hit the brakes, you need to immediately check your rearview mirror and be ready. I have avoided being rear ended many times by that one thing. Situational awareness is everything when you're on two wheels.

  25. No excuse for the driver but why did this bro just randomly slow down out of nowhere? Am I missing something. Also do your helmet up or just don’t wear one you silly goose.

  26. It looks like they’re not the most experienced bikers. His buddy runs off the road and falls over just before this so he circles back and sees that he’s upright and on the road again. Probably started slowing down to make a U-turn to get going the right way again. This doesn’t, of course, excuse the person driving the car from not paying attention to their surroundings but as a rule for bikers (and defensively minded car drivers) you should treat everyone else as if they are idiots behind the wheels. You also need to do things that are natural and expected on the road. Slowing down like this on a bike isn’t expected.

  27. That's what I was trying to figure out as well... Why the hell would you come to almost a complete stop in the middle of the road?

  28. That was an initial thought of mine too, but perhaps the biker was slowing to turn into the driveway? Either way the biker didn’t back into the car, the accident is 100% the fault of the driver of the car.

  29. I didn't realize this until I watched with sound on. He definitely slows down a ton before the car is even in frame, but he's speeding back up well before he's hit. Since we don't have a frontal view my only guess would be something in the road or some mechanical user error that he was correcting. I've never driven a bike so I don't know what it sounds like if he messes up switching gears or something. In a road like that, could have simply been a critter darting across the road. Still he was going PLENTY fast that the car should have hit him if they saw him before they heard his bike crash against their car.

  30. Possibly the other bike coming the other direction went a bit too close to the center line so the pov biker slowed down just in case the other biker lost control

  31. This is an edited video of the original one. The original one he is riding with another bike behind him and they dump it into the dirt on a corner. Our rider goes down the road till he sees they aren't behind them then turns around to see what's up. Dumped bike comes up from the opposite direction and our biker slows down to see what's up then he gets a free flying lesson. I'll see if I can find the video I saw last night.

  32. No riding with a backpag is a very high risk of spinnal injury if you fall on your back, and that doesn't look like a motobiking specific bag.

  33. His reaction was straight gold. He probably thought at impact that he was legitimately in the middle of being killed.

  34. In the UK not having your helmet strap on is as bad as not having a seatbelt on. It is completely pointless having a helmet on at all if you don't strap it to your head, the moment there is a sudden movement (like in a crash) it will come off.

  35. That's some crazy Ghouls & Ghost shit. One hit & he lost some armour. Maybe he forgot to strap up the helmet.

  36. My dad had numerous motorcycle cases and 99% of the time, they were riding responsibly and a lunkhead POS just nailed them out of nowhere. It’s almost as if riding a motorcycle is a magnet for idiots in cars.

  37. I think that “alright” is not a proper word to use. He got some bone fractures (elbow, leg and i dont remember what else) plus he was wearing a non strapped helmet (cmon, people!)

  38. That sounds about right. I saw his clip in a video comp last night, and my recollection is the text said fractured elbow and leg and road rash in a few spots. Still amazed it wasn't worse.

  39. Okay, dumb question. How did the camera, which is attached to the bike, continue to point at the unseated rider, even when the bike rotated around?

  40. Can't stop watching this lol. My thought on the slow down. Maybe that is his home or a friend's house aka his destination. Sharp turn into that driveway so you would have to slow down. Just my guess.

  41. Wow what an utter complete dumbass. I don't know why people just can't look at the road, take their foot? and move it over two inches and press down.

  42. Sure car dude messed up big time, but did biker just stop in the middle of the road for no reason? If so, I’d say still majority car fault but some blame to biker as well, you shouldn’t just stop in the middle of the road for no reason, what’s the speed limit there?

  43. Yeah any time anyone slows down for any reason, it's automatically their fault if some idiot rear-ends them. /s

  44. Thank god the guy is okay. Tighten that hemet next time. You can be the best rider in the world but all it takes is some jackass like this to ruin your life.

  45. Car was 100% at fault, but there is a lot the motorcyclist was doing wrong here, not least of which was not keeping his helmet strapped. There's almost no point in wearing one if you don't strap it down.

  46. He didn't, he slowed down. Probably for one of the millions of reasons there are to slow down when driving

  47. I give him credit, I’ve been hit before, I was through the drivers window before the bike had stopped moving. Police car 4 vehicles back pulled me out and “detained” me for the other drivers safety. The car driver received more stitches than I did. That was early in the cell phone era, he was dialing it. I quit riding when I lived in Florida because of so many idiots, I got another bike now that I’m back in Michigan.

  48. Who cares? I didn’t see the “original post” so who gives a flying fuck if it gets reposted. Touch grass

  49. Why do you assume there was no reason. Could have been a dog, a kid, a car pulling out, slowing to turn or any other reason

  50. Bike guy is at fault, What did he think would happen slowing way down on what looks like a country road and being as hard to see as bikes already are

  51. My dad would always insist that he wouldn’t have a motorcycle accident because he was so skilled. This video proves how wrong he was. Btw my uncle died in a motorcycle accident as wells as several of my fathers motorcycle friends who obviously just weren’t as skilled as my dad apparently.

  52. Car at fault for obvious reasons. But why come to near stop on such a high speed road? Partial fault of biker doing biker passing other biker things.

  53. At a guess, bike was hidden behind his a pillar. Still he had no observation or reaction skills there at all! Scary

  54. There are a number of reasons for someone to slow down like that. We don't have a front facing camera to show it but that doesn't mean they just slowed down for the fun of it. How do you know they weren't pulling in to that residence you can see in the video?

  55. every cop, lawyer, and court would disagree with you because it is ALWAYS the job of the person behind you to be able to stop in case something happens and the dude on the motorcycle did not even fully stop. i don't know which meth you stole to come up with something like this, lmao.

  56. This is not 50% bikers fault and you’re an absolutely fucking smooth brain if you think that. The biker didn’t stop. He may have slowed down, sure, but he was still moving at speed. This is 100% the cars fault, and little dim witted fuck brains like you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

  57. Fun fact for people who think nobody is allowed to slow down unless they say so: Buses are great ways to get to work!

  58. Pray tell how do you ride "defensively" when slowing for a turn? Take it at full speed? Literally nothing else that guy could have done.

  59. It's 100% motorcycle riders fault, he should not have stopped in the middle of the road for no reason. Would like to see the 2 minutes of video leading up to this point because it sounds like he was decelerating just as the video kicks in so I bet he pissed off the car driver before this happened. Two side to every story.

  60. We don’t know what was in front of the biker, think before you comment, there probably was some some form of wild life in front of him so he stopped.

  61. He did before, you can see it come flying off at impact. He didn't have the chin strap on is my guess.

  62. Anybody know anything about the camera/mount he was using? Because I’m really impressed how it kept the action in frame while the bike was being totaled and spinning around.

  63. Not that I ever need it, but glad my car has adaptive cruise control, my car would brake if I was a moron like the car driver probably looking on my phone. A situation like this is very scary

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