How do you not see a train coming?

  1. Trains are really unpredictable. Even in the middle of a forest two rails can appear out of nowhere, and a 1.5-mile fully loaded coal drag, heading east out of the low-sulfur mines of the PRB, will be right on your ass the next moment.

  2. All LRVs (metro trains) and especially heavy trains always have the ROW, right-of-way, in other countries' driving laws and manuals and people are tested on this.

  3. I got hit by a train once or more succinctly, I hit the train. Neither my passenger nor I saw the train crossing the road directly in front of us until it was too late to stop due to the circumstances of the layout of the track and the vehicle we were driving at the time. It was ruled a no fault accident. It happens. In my case no traffic laws were broken, in the case of the post you commented on the guy is an idiot.

  4. Imagine the people put at risk by this, the $$$ this will cost to fix, on and on. All because some idiot couldn't be bothered to pay attention or at the very least turn their head a little.

  5. I know this intersection. It’s on first street and your definitely not allowed to make a left turn there. There’s no turn lane. Guy had to back up traffic to pull that idiotic maneuver.

  6. Many people are inherently chaotic. They dont create or build anything, but rather have a negative contribution to society in general by destroying what was built by others whether deliberately or not.

  7. 4 ways. He and the train where coming from the same direction; so looking left right or straight were all useless, he needed to look behind him.

  8. Right where OP is filming is exactly where I would sit on my commute to work for almost 5 years. That is N First street in San Jose as you get off 880. Some of the dumbest drivers I've ever seen are on that stretch of 880. The idiot in the car is trying to make a u-turn at a spot where it's not even legal for them to make a left. All they had to do was go straight another 100 ft to get a light that will let them turn around.

  9. Having been in that situation with a tram, no I didn't see it coming. I was already an experienced driver, but I'd never driven on roads that had parallel tram rails. I was waiting to make a turn, the light went green, so I made my turn. It didn't even occur to me that a tram could be coming. I got t-boned pretty hard, nearly totalled my (company) car. It sucked so much, I saw all the angry passengers look at me like I was an idiot.

  10. Where I am, if a car has a green light, the tram has a red. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it's very very rare; usually caused by a light malfunction.

  11. The passengers had a good reason to. You were crossing rails, rails are a common indicator of the potential presence of a train or tram.

  12. Does that intersection have any lighting/signage for when a train is approaching from the rear? It must because looking back over your left shoulder making a left turn is not a common maneuver.

  13. As others have pointed out this was an illegal turn. The camera POV is from a freeway offramp and there's no left turn allowed on 1st street in either direction.

  14. No that is VTA light rail. It runs down the center of the street and there are lights at intersections. There are no gates. It is nearly impossible to miss seeing the train, and the driver probably stopped right next to it at a light.

  15. This looks like it was in my city (San Jose). This is VTA light rail. Light rail follows traffic signals like cars at intersections. If the green turn light was on, it would have stopped. But based off the traffic flow (opposite direction was also going), white car definatly effed up and did make an illegal turn.

  16. Off ramp from Highway 880 South at 1st Street San Jose CA. Light rail doesn't/can't stop for idiots.

  17. Lol I actually live here in San Jose where this happened! This guys jus an idiot the signal light and another light rail light specifically tell you when and when not to be turning

  18. I used to live less than a mile from another spot where people would try to fight VTA trains. I would hear them at night and during the day. This sort of driving idiocy is common in the Silicon Valley.

  19. We have a 100+ mph train in SFla called the Brightline. It's killed about 60 people in the last three years, people think they can beat the train and this one moves three or four times faster than what they're used to. Saw a pickup truck knocked off the frame entirely, that part got spun up like a twizzler while the cab ended up across the street.

  20. I didn't see it coming neither, it's like it wasn't there and then suddenly it was. I guess this guy might have had a broader perspective than just my phone screen though.

  21. A near daily occurrence down here in South Florida with the Brightline trains. Some just like the video here. Others go around the gates. Dumb fucks. Do you like your 0.0001% chance of beating a train that tops out at 80mph? You get what you deserve.

  22. Where I live we have a small portion of the system at street level running in the middle of a major street. The few intersections that left turns are allowed have a dedicated left turn light with a sign next to it that lights up saying train coming. We still have cars turning in front of the trains.

  23. To be fair, if the train is coming from behind like that, its probably pretty easy to miss. This us why your not allowed to turn left from the right lane.

  24. The other traffic was going faster than the train, so the car in question most likely passed the train. Kind of hard to miss.

  25. I despise tram/trolly/trains that share the road like this. I hate them with a passion. I'm in the left lane, I'm in the left lane cause I'm making a left turn. I shouldn't have anything to the left of me. But here comes big brain trolly rail planner that decides to put this thing in the middle of the road. Now my left lane ass has to watch out for shit left and behind me. So dumb.

  26. Its in the middle, so it doesn't have to deal with kerb-turning traffic or parking traffic, as thats harder to control than cross-turning traffic

  27. It is a train, it is the most predictable of vehicles. It will follow the track. They are also big. So easy to deal with in traffic.

  28. There absolutely are signs. When a lightrail train is approaching, there is a no left turn sign that flashes. This guy is a complete idiot and was probably driving distracted.

  29. Fucking hated when this would happen. Used to take this line commuting to college, whenever something hit a train, they had to run bus bridges for the rest of the day since there was no way to route other trains around the one that got hit.

  30. Definitely an idiot, but where's the flashing lights, traffic barrier? There's not even a train crossing sign. Pretty ridiculous road design IMO...

  31. Probably because they were only looking at the oncoming traffic and not both ways. You need to look both ways even on a one way street these days.

  32. At that point, don't they pull your license? I know someone who was recommended that surgery, but turned it down because they needed their license.

  33. I’ve lived in Long Beach, similar areas with tracks for metro, they do have signs posted and light signals that allow only the train to have right of way. Then cars after train passes. When I lived in Japan, every crossing, even for people, has a cross arm that comes down, with sounds, flashing lights. Common sense is really what some drivers are lacking.

  34. Trains are tricky sneaky things. They are all like.... Chugga chugga chugga ,chugga chugga chugga. Chugga chugga chugga... Shhhh shhhhhhhhhh.

  35. "It was crazy Bob, this wormhole opened out of nowhere, and a train plowed right into me. But any ways, I got a point on my driving record."

  36. This surprisingly happens often. Same with hitting motorcycles. It's called inattentional blindness. The reason people don't see the train is because they're looking out for cars.

  37. She’s one of the “Oblivious.” The ones who camp in the left lanes & put their blinkers on (*if even) after they started the turn already.

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