She was not having it.

  1. I nearly died laughing listening to that self righteous twatwaffle. She's "one of those" that's never been told "NO!" in their life.

  2. It's like some people live their lives in a totally different reality. And it just goes on that way (often for years and years) until their reality "crashes" into the real one.

  3. I'd be willing to bet she doesn't have insurance or a license, is scared to crap, and thinks her best out is to try to bully them to let her out. The fact that her car, license plate, and her face is all on video and she's committing a crime by fleeing probably hasn't yet occurred to her in her state.

  4. The amount of stickers and kitty cat bullshit decorating that car tells me that her reality isn't going to be colliding with anything terrestrial any time soon.

  5. I am going to blame her parents. She is the product of what happens when you raise a princess or prince - they end up being terrible human beings. You don’t have to punish children physically, verbally or mentally - but you DO have to teach them that they cannot and will not always get their way without consequences.

  6. The people in this type of different reality were never told “no” and never faced consequences for bad behaviour in their upbringing.

  7. I was watching a documentary, trashy one, about a women's jail and this one woman comes in, no social skills, no job, no money, just a shitty attitude and a long list of felonies that she just seemed to think were going to evaporate because she's just a young girl. Watching the realization that she was going to be spending a very long time in a very, very dirty little cell with little hope of any kind of reprieve was truly sad. People like that often just needed one half decent influence in their lives and had none.

  8. Main Character Syndrome. They're the main character in the movie playing out around them. Everyone else is just an NPC designed to serve/support/entertain them.

  9. Is she on drugs or something? Her behavior is so altered. Then she backs up to drive off?! Like WAtF?! File the police report and get your insurance to go after her.

  10. Failure to echange information is considered hit and run. As long as one driver attempts, in good faith, to exchange, it is considered due diligence.

  11. yes! lots of people saying shes a spoiled kid and parents will fix it for her but shes sadly actually a very grown adult

  12. she obviously has her priorities in order, i just saw the "peoples" bag next to her which is a ridiculously over priced cannabis store front that caters to high end smokers

  13. I saw the lack of any trim badge and the old square screen with knobs and thought, did this B**** just put a Type R spoiler on a LX?

  14. Well, you got her info when you filmed her plate. Now that she left at the end, you can report her for fleeing the scene of an accident.

  15. A small fender bender turned to a hit and run. I wonder if that video evidence would be grounds to revoke her license? She really shouldn’t drive.

  16. So you get to the top, I’ll comment under you, and then I’ll ram up more votes than you. Does that sound good?

  17. I got rear ended by a very entitled college kid who was drunk driving a few years back. No real damage; my rear bumper had been hit twice before (once at a light, once when the previous owner backed into a pole) so it’s kind of expected.

  18. I was once rear ended because I stopped for a yellow light that was turning red. I had plenty of time to slow and stop, I knew the intersection well. No chance of going through. The guy who hit me said he thought I was going to run the red light so he was going to run it, too. Good old Houston!

  19. I had a similar situation except in my case it was at a rail crossing and the person who hit me was a cop who told me "I had time to go around the gate." And yes, he have me a ticket and wrote it up that I hit him... from the front by stopping.

  20. Also Texas. Got rear ended at a stop sign. Dude told me that I “can’t just stop wherever” and called the cops.

  21. Exactly the same thing happened to me. Their words: “I thought you were gonna run it. Everybody else does!” Good old Fairfax County.

  22. I rear-ended someone because they should have gone through a yellow and they bumped their accelerator like they were going to, but then they panicked and almost locked up their brakes to stop instead. I had covered my break (motorcycle) when the light changed but was moving back when they changed their mind, which cost me the split second that would have kept me from hitting them. They ended up stopping several feet over the stop line, and I got three broken bones and a ticket for "colliding with a vehicle". Lesson learned, always give yourself a bit more following distance than you think you need.

  23. I know for a fact she probably runs a fast fashion depop that buys stuff off Ali for 2 bucks and sells them for 45.

  24. She got identified on tiktok. She had a small collection of followers but from what i can see she took all of her videos down. Apprently she does nails?

  25. She must be higher than a kite if she feels it is perfectly okay to ram a car just because it is not moving at her desired pace.

  26. The dude who comes out and says “I need you off the property” lol. No dude it’s a fucking accident where the hell you want them to go? Drive down to the 7/11? That guy is a tool.

  27. I was looking for this comment. I wish they told him to fuck off. That is literally the least of their problems.

  28. One time my alternator was going in my car, my car completely shut off while driving and there wasn’t really a shoulder, it was like a 3 foot gap, not a full shoulder, and it wasn’t a highway but a very busy road… I managed to coast to an actual car garage/dealership thing

  29. I’ve been in several accidents and never not relocated for exchange of information (after a quick jot of the plate and make/model). Unless he knew one driver was illegally uncooperative it would be pretty reasonable to ask that they move if it’s affecting his property.

  30. True lol. However most minor accidents you pull over to a more practical/safer area if you were in the middle of a street or blocking an entrance.

  31. Could absolutely tell this was somewhere around LA based on lady’s entitlement, attire, and choice of decal/car deco.

  32. On the bright side you have her license plate. Go to the cops, the moment she pulled away its a hit and run. I've seen people get nailed for that for just backing up before taking pictures. Get your shit fixed, run her through the system and forget about this particular failure to launch.

  33. I wish we got the see what happened to her and if she was prosecuted, I'm not sure how recent this video is tho so maybe nothing yet

  34. Once had a man ram the back of my little j30 infinity with his big 1980s dodge van 7 times and push me into traffic. His reason, I was in the way. I didn't want to turn right on a red when I couldn't see the traffic past the big pick up next to me. It was a very bad intersection for accidents. His insurance (state farm) flat out refused to pay anything. Their exact words were "He did it on purpose so we are not liable to cover it as insurance is for accidents only". The man went to jail and was charged with multiple crimes related to this and served 5 years. His insurance fought me until I said the magic words. I'm getting a lawyer.

  35. I was rear ended and had state farm insurance. Reported the accident to them and they basically told me to go get a repair estimate and have it sent to them. They then paid for the repairs and went after the guy (he was uninsured and unlicensed) that hit me. I paid nothing. Not even a deductible.

  36. saw this from the OP on tik tok and the comments were in favor of the civic driver. calling the ones who got hit "sensitive" and "overly dramatic" i'm glad reddit sees thru the bs

  37. It’s frustrating because there is clearly an entitled idiot girl in the wrong here but the 2 people from the other car do not know how to properly put her on blast so it just goes on like this until for some reason they decide to cut the video right when it’s escalating.

  38. Right? And then someone comes over telling them they need to leave the property. I would've been like "Nah we're staying right here until the police arrive to sort this out."

  39. Please tell me you filed a police report for a hit and run. This dumb twat deserves everything the justice system will throw at her.

  40. Finally starting to see the result of humans born into social media. Holy shit I can’t even with the madness.

  41. With a fashion sense that screams, "look at me, I'm psychotic." I doubt she will be hard to locate.

  42. If she drives away, it’s Hit and Run. Since you have her plate # and video of her, the police will have to be creative so they can ignore the report.

  43. I think this sub should require a pinned post from OP explaining what happened and the results. So often there's no additional information or it's buried.

  44. So she changed a small accident that had close to no damage to a “leaving the scene of a accident”

  45. I deal with idiots all the time who block traffic or won’t go when they should. I don’t run into them, I go around them.

  46. Wow I doubt she did but she should have lost her license. Someone with her entitled "can do nothing wrong" mentality creating accidents shouldn't be allowed to operate a vehicle of any kind.

  47. She is nasty. A lot of people are like this though. Surprises how many act like they are the only ones that matter. These folks think like this you are trash move out of the way its your fault I did nothing people.

  48. If the other driver is at fault and won't share their info, just take a photo of their license plate. Believe me, your insurance company will be happy to investigate and find out who that person is.

  49. You can tell she knows she's wrong from the voice cracking, but she's suppressing that with an ego the size of an iceberg.

  50. Blocking travel lanes for minor fender benders is illegal. Get the license, get the video of her bumper on your car, inform her and then move. If she runs it's an easy hit & run case, if she stops then all the better. I'd give you both tickets.

  51. I think in the beginning she kinda seemed scared she crashed into another car and was trying to deflect blame then her ego couldn't admit the absurdity of her argument and she got more defensive as the conversation went on.

  52. Just demand license and insurance info and if they refuse call the police. There’s no point saying anything else to that nut.

  53. Bro call the police. Why even deal with ppl like these. Anytime you get in an accident and they dont provide their details. CALL THE COPSSS!! Dont waste your time arguing with these fuckers.

  54. way this is real. I REFUSE to believe this is a real person. I just can't comprehend this, she's just on a different plane I guess. high on life. what a trip

  55. You can move out of the way to avoid blocking traffic, especially after documenting the scene and having her on video admitting she hit your vehicle for being "in the way." The next steps are move out of traffic and contact police, if she takes off its hit and run or leaving the scene...but either way its on her.

  56. It looks like they're actually on the parking lot. The fire lane, The diagonal angle on the left side from a corner that you can see in the background.

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