Isn't the flag supposed to be red or orange?

  1. I don't see the issue here. This superb gentleman just wanted to display his morning wood to all the passerbys

  2. being that close up the ass of another car if it has to stop in a hurry slamming on the brakes will send that shit straight out the front window with the cowboy holding on for his life

  3. Plot twist: this stranger just climbed in because he saw a little knothole in the wood and it was just the right size. It’s kind of a modern day Goldilocks story. He had tried multiple holes before this but they were either too big or too small, too hot or too cold, too dry or too moist. We’ll call it Randylocks.

  4. As if the guy laying on the wood wasn't enough of a sign, they wanted to flag to make sure you know they just gave up.

  5. At least it’s a decent size. Half the time I see half a filthy facecloth hanging from a roof mounted ladder, warning nobody of nothing.

  6. I mean, you’re already at a hardware store why not buy some ratchet straps. It at least makes this a little less idiotic.

  7. Ever since Lake Mead started drying up, people have been getting creative, if sloppy, on body disposal.

  8. I had to double take and zoom in to see there is someone laying on top. Trying to figure out the blame here. Too little education or way to much? Who came up with the idea? Did they rock, paper, scissor and he lost? Or did he accidentally get tied down as well and they said fuck it. Not enough rope to go around again so just hang on. So many questions.

  9. Home slice straddling the wood (huh huh) in the back of the vehicle isn’t gonna keep it from sliding out if it gets that momentum

  10. Do you really need a better warning than the guy laying down on planks of wood inside an open trunk?

  11. Wrong wrong wrong. You just need to slap the pile with your palm and say “she ain’t going anywhere” then get in. If you’re touching it you get a jinx.

  12. Brilliant! Why would you want to simply loose all your wood? You could loose the wood and you life. 2 for 1.

  13. When George progressed his relationship from tree hugger , to lumber lover, not all of his family and friends were supportive, so he decided to elope with the love of his life.

  14. Guarantee you the retailer worker got cursed out by the customer when they tried to tell them that "this is dangerous" and refuse to help them load

  15. We all know a guy who would ride the wood, don’t we? When I saw the guy lying on top, I thought, that’s definitely something Kevin would do.

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