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  1. My favorite part is when the car keeps spinning the tires during the times the truck isn't pulling. Making absolutely sure to get rid of any last semblance of traction.

  2. I was waiting for the yellow strap to snap and kill someone. Those people are crazy to stand near that operation.

  3. For those curious: If you're stuck, and someone is pulling you out, spinning your tires when they don't even have any tension on the tow line is probably just making it worse.

  4. It's not the cars fault. It's the owner's fault for not training his car better. Every time I see a thread like this, before even watching it, I know it's going to be a Charger. I have a Charger and it's the most loving, friendly car there is. It's no more capable of having a bad day than a Rav4.

  5. If this is Daytona there’s actually a “road” on the beach which is normally solid like asphalt when the tide is out. This is what Daytona 500 is a thing, I’ve driven on the road and it was kind of neat.

  6. Some places in Florida, like Daytona, the beach is like tarmac. I drove a Ford Probe with mostly bald tires out on that with zero issue. This is obviously not one of those places, and you're always a goon if you let the water get to you.

  7. The weight doesn’t help much either. I’ve gone to sand pits with friends in their 3500’s on 35” mud terrains, and all of them would get stuck while my little wrangler skated along the surface with street tires and Rwd only.

  8. That dude in that truck was like "oh fuck yeah. This is my moment to shine! Finally a reason to use my truck to do truck shit! Wait. Why isn't this working? It's a truck!"

  9. Damn I was expecting the front end of the Charger to get pulled out or the strap to fly off into the rear windshield of the truck or something. Kind of disappointed tbh.

  10. Yeah I was getting prepared to see the tow strap or the chain snap and go rocketing into the back window of the truck and someone getting decapitated. So really it could have gone worse.

  11. Midwesterner here - used to getting out of snow, not sand. My move (way, way before getting to this point) would be to put the floor mats under the front of the wheels to try to create some traction. Would that work, or would they just slip on the sand and shoot out the back?

  12. Right? The whole time I was thinking why is the charger hitting the gas at all? And not one person in that crowd was like "that's not how it works"

  13. If you keep digging the wheels deeper into the sand, you’ll eventually hit solid ground (or molten lava). Then you can just casually drive away. /s

  14. Stupid truck on stupid low-profile street tires tries to tow stupid Charger on stupid street tires. Wow how surprising, they're going nowhere.

  15. If the dipshits would just put something under the tires (should be easy considering the charger dug a huge fucking hole underneath the tires) then they'd be out of there in no time. There's dry sand 2 feet from them lol

  16. This is the most "Florida" thing I've ever seen lol. Growing up there this shit happens ALL of the time. The beach is the most "off roading" that truck will ever do

  17. Yeah those definitely aren't great tires for getting traction on sand. I'm pretty sure my dinky lil outback on all terrains would have been more effective

  18. I had an International Scout with automatic transmission. I pulled my brother's car out of the mud. He was up to the chassis and I just kept pulling slowly.

  19. The funniest moment was when he reversed giving it all that slack. Even the beach goers went wild because they knew what would happen next. Then after anticipation SNAP!!!

  20. This truck is more than capable of pulling the Charger out, even in this configuration, they just did it wrong in every way.

  21. Reddit video is fucking trash, because if you click through to the end it shows the tow truck pulling the car out, but if you watch it straight through, you won’t see it.

  22. I have a 4x4 car and wouldn’t take it to the beach. Fuck getting it stuck or having someone wanting me to pull their bumper out.

  23. Kinetic ropes are even better. I've yoinked a jeep out of the mud with my 1400lb side by side. 200hp helps get that stored energy, but it works great.

  24. Plus, you put drive wheels nearest to drive wheels. So truck needs to be ass to ass with car, air down all wheels with dive train, put car in N, overcome inertia and then you can kick the car in R and help.

  25. Dude seriously!! I'm surprised the cops let them do that, they endangered everyone there. Maybe they knew they wouldn't get enough traction lol

  26. I thought the video was going to end with the bumper of the car getting ripped off. I had my popcorn and everything!

  27. Or if the 30 people standing there crowded around the wheel wells they could have lifted it out of the holes it had dug and put it down on impacted sand to try just rolling the fuck off the beach.

  28. Lmao is the strap from dually secured to the fucking wheel of the charger. Wtf bro, certain people don't deserve certain cars.

  29. Yeah, there's a product for off-roaders called maxxtrax for this purpose. This car is probably beyond the point of saving though, with how deep they dug in just sitting there spinning the wheels

  30. Typically, the people getting stuck like this aren’t either. I think I’ve put a car on the beach here maybe twice in 17 years and even then, NEVER by the shoreline.

  31. People don't typically have boards handy at the beach in Florida. But, if you're enterprising enough, you could have everybody jerk off on a towel and then lay it out in the sun to harden like a board.

  32. Possibly, but don't stand behind it. My friend broke his leg when the tire spun the board back and he was at the back of the car trying to push it.

  33. I mean. I was not the dumb fucker who bring a car to the beach, I'm not putting myself in risk for some moron that brought his car to the beach.

  34. Ya, but no one even considered to get rid of some of the sand under the charger to help create a ramp as opposed to a big divet.

  35. I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't want to get involved with this situation. I feel I'd end up getting run over somehow.

  36. Yeah and airing down these tires would have not really done much. There is a reason they are not called off-road tires. What a bunch of idiots…

  37. I mean if he can’t even figure out that you should stop gassing it when you are stuck, I doubt he knows anything about letting air out

  38. Oh my. I just knew those low-profile, spacer-cripped bro-truck street tires were going to yank him out, lickety split! How could I have been so wrong? /s

  39. This isn’t just an FL thing. I’ve seen people attempt to drive all kinds of stupidity on the 4x4 beach at OBX. The stupidest one is along the same lines as this, a 99-04 Mustang.

  40. Now if he had real tires/wheels instead of flatbiller douche bag wheels n tires he could have aired down and yanked that car right outta there.

  41. Yo, let me lift this truck's body while leaving the axles where they were. That's what you want for offroading. High center of gravity and low ground clearance.

  42. Get two wooden boards, wedge em underneath the front of the back tires, drive off into the sunset.

  43. One of the prime weekend activities for students at UF is to take the drive to Crescent Beach, where FL residents can drive on the beach (currently $10, Florida residents only). It has been a while since I did this, but even at high tide, there was plenty of hard-packed, dry sand to drive on. The beach in this episode has none.

  44. Out of all the videos I have ever seen on the internet, I will never understand why people insist on driving into the ocean, then being surprised when they get stuck!

  45. This may have happened in FL, but I can guarantee those are out of state tags on both vehicles.

  46. If any of you find yourself in a situation like this. Take the floor mats (preferably rubber) and put them under the tires it should help. P.S. sorry for bad English

  47. Both of them - "Spinning the tires hasn't worked so far, so I guess I'll just keep spinning the tires and dig in deeper."

  48. The floridian in me is screaming at the car to stop pushing the gas and for someone to start bouncing the back of it. But no. They both want to be flooded. Put a stick under the tire. Put a lawn chair under the tire. A towel. COME ON.

  49. If all the spectators were Amish, the car would be in Indiana in half the time I spent watching.

  50. What is with Americans’ obsession with driving on the beach? I’ll never understand it. Are you people really too fucking lazy to park on actual asphalt and simply walk onto the beach?

  51. Ain't that some shit using a Dodge to pull another Dodge out I'm surprised both of them didn't get stuck oh maybe they did. (To be continued??)

  52. It’s recommend even down here in Florida to not bring your vehicles on the beach. For a moment I thought the truck was about to get stuck too.

  53. He shouldve hooked to the rear of the car and the front of his truck and pulled in reverse. No way that car is going fwd with it sitting on the frame .

  54. If that truck had actual tires besides those pos “tires” it would stand a better chance at pulling it out.

  55. Those tires on that truck are so thin with no real tread arent going to help lol. Oh my big truck can help hahah yeah right. Gets some real tires.

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