Random Honda stopped on the freeway

  1. Dude had a NASCAR spotter. "Wreckin in front of you back it down, BACKITDOWN BACKITDOWN BACKITDOWN GO HIGH GO HIGH GO HIGH ANNND YOU'RE CLEAR!!"

  2. I had to pull something similar when some nutjob swerved into my lane last min as I was going like 140 kph. Had to break and swerve onto the shoulder and around him, still don’t know how I pulled that off lol

  3. yup, grey SUV demonstrated situational awareness and slowed down while everyone (including dash cam woman screamer) continued on with their speed.

  4. Damn I had a 2018 model that did random brake slams from powerline shadows. Looking back at the video looks like it saw the lit up part of the road and thought something was there.

  5. Yeah i was gonna say. I doesn’t matter if the accord tried to stop if there is enough room but nah be bumper to bumper going 50mph lol

  6. My Civic does this from time to time. It has never come to a complete stop, but the rapid deceleration can be horrifying.

  7. Source? I don't mean a source that Honda cars have a defect, I mean that this specific video was due to the defect. How do you know?

  8. Honda just wants to encourage safe following distance through the use of automatic and random brake checks. Good plan!

  9. I was driving my wife's new Pilot and decided to try adaptive cruise control on a road trip. It came up on someone and matched their speed perfectly, but then that person exited the highway. In response to losing the car it was tracking, the Pilot slammed on the brakes. I haven't been able to replicate it, and honestly don't want to keep trying, but that sucked.

  10. I was laughed at when I said you need to leave enough space so that hypothetically if the next car came to a dead stop, you'd have time to get around them. "That's dumb, why would a car just randomly stop in the road?" they said.

  11. Idk if it's an east coast thing, but every time I'm on the highway everyone leaves only just about a single car length between them and the person ahead of them.

  12. A lot of people seem to think it's ok to tailgate in the left lane. I see it every day on my way to/from work. I get it, the left lane is for passing, but you still need to keep a safe following distance or you're just asking for trouble.

  13. Yep. Shaking my head at Cammer in particular. Don't bother driving worth half a damn, just scream like a little girl and hope for the best.

  14. Agreed. I see this shit everyday, and with the tailgating comes the brake tap every three seconds or so to maintain their tiny distance, which lull’s the tailgater behind them into a false sense of security because “they’re not really stopping or really slowing down, they’re just maintaining their shitty distance.” Then when the brakes are applied for something serious, it takes an extra second for the other morons to realize that they are really slowing.

  15. My bet is that the Accord was driving just a lil bit faster than the right lane but still impeding the flow of traffic you can see no one else in front of the accord and the other cars were just following close waiting for them to move over or speed up. Not saying that’s why they crashed, just must maybe that’s why there’s congestion.

  16. I remember them telling me the rule in divers Ed was to leave room for 2 cars between you and another car. If some dickhead cuts you off, just let off (safely) and make the room again.

  17. I honestly think most people have no conceptual idea of what the 3 second rule actually means. They probably think “three car lengths” and call it good, regardless of whether they’re going 20mph or 80mph.

  18. Apparently this was caused because of a malfunction of the cars automatic emergency braking (which a recall has since put out because of)

  19. It's also yet another video where the driver of the cam car barely seems to brake at all. You can see the brake lights ahead but they barely slow down.

  20. That's all people in Illinois know though. If there is air between the car in front of you and your bumper, there's problems! Lol

  21. I used to live in the mountains and was once flagged down by a young man yelling at me to “slow down before I hurt someone”.

  22. Back in 2010, this woman in Canada stopped her car on a curve in a 45 MPH zone to try to help a family of ducks cross the road, causing a crash that killed 2 motorcyclists. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and a ten-year driving ban.

  23. I've even had people yell that at me when I'm going 10 mph in a parking lot driving in the middle of the lane where it's literally impossible for me to hit anybody. Someone could literally try to dive in front of my car and I still wouldn't run them over yet I'm going too fast

  24. actually it seems that the car behind the honda (and the black car behind that car) managed to stop in time. The problems were the red car, the pickup (didn't crash, but only managed to stop parallel to the black car. If he didn't have a neatly-sized gap between black and guardrail, he'd crash) and the cammer.

  25. The cam driver literally passes the grey SUV that ends up in the ditch to the right, cam doesn’t even try to slow down.

  26. Same here. Learned me lesson. Especially when going up inclines and you can’t see 3-4 cars out in front of you and don’t know what’s happening ahead.

  27. The car ahead can stop for any reason. It's your job to ensure you are a sufficient distance behind to be able to react and stop without hitting them. Everyone in this video is too close to the car ahead.

  28. That's why you need much more room between you and the car in front of you when you're doing highway speed....

  29. This is why people need to increase their follow distance. I'm not saying this wouldn't happen still, but probably only half the carnage

  30. People at front rubbernecking like true idiots endangering both themselves and others. People right behind them idiots for tailgating. None with emergency blinkers on. And dashcam car that just piles right into them, like an idiot joining thr clubhouse. Lovely scene.

  31. Once the black SUV behind the Honda stops instead of going around and causes the red Jeep to run into it and spread out into the right lane, I’m not sure what the dash cam car could’ve done better aside from stop quicker

  32. The honda that was stopped may have been having mechanical failure. Why the fuck were all those people up the dudes ass? You do not follow that closely for a reason...

  33. This isn't really on the Honda. Ya they stopped, by why are you following so close that a stop causes an accident. What if their car had broken down or had a blown tire? If they stopped in the middle of a freeway, they are an idiot but technically didn't cause the accident

  34. This is what you get if you don't have a safety distance. The lasat vehicle in crash is the one to blame. At least in our country so don't downvote but rather explain.

  35. The cars piling up behind and without emergency lights are so much worse holy hell does no one know how to behave in unexpected/emergency situations?

  36. So i know it probably was VERY unexpected on the highway, but man... that is A LOT of distracted drivers - like this is the exact type of scenario for WHY you have a safe following distance - so you can react to 'unexpected situations'. Like the cammer didn't even slow down...

  37. I'm gonna let everyone know in the United States those dashed lines are 40 feet apart from start of one to start of the next. At 60mph you are going 88 feet per second or 2.2 white dashed lines PER SECOND....that means if you are closer to the next car in front of you going at least 60mph you have 1 second to react....quit driving so close...leave space...if someone cuts in shrug it off and move on...it's not a race we all use the roads equally...

  38. The fact that they stopped for no reason is irrelevant. All cars should be prepared to stop safely. Imagine if there was a child on the road or something shit lol

  39. I see lines of cars like this tailgating each other way too often at highway speed (or normally +20 to be honest). It's wildly unsafe and against traffic laws for this exact reason. Every single one of these drivers are at fault, even if the leader brake checked the F out of them.

  40. There was an incident like this in 2010 near Montréal. A lady stopped her car in the left lane of a busy 4-lane highway because she saw some tiny ducks and wanted to rescue them. A father and daughter on a motorcycle crashed into her and died. The lady got a jail sentence but i remember the overwhelming majority of people defending her. "but she was trying to save tiny ducks". no, it was criminal negligence.

  41. If you rear end anyone it is your fault. There is such a thing as inertia and subsequently safe following distance. Far too many are completely unaware of this.

  42. This is why in the state of Ohio we have “assured clear distance ahead” on the Ohio Revised Code.

  43. This is not the Hondas fault. Sure, it stopped. But everyone else didn’t leave enough space to break. Partially at fault.

  44. If you couldn't break in time to stop yourself from hitting that Honda, you were too close. Basic driving lessons, every 10MPH you should strive for an entire cars distance.

  45. People like to ride my ass, honk their horn, pass me and ride the car in front of me going the exact same speed I am. People don't realize how much distance you need to stop if something like this were to happen. You aren't going any faster than me you're just being an idiot. This video should be broadcast every hour as a PSA.

  46. Life pro tip for when someone is tailgating you, hold down your windshield washer fluid until it goes over your car and onto their windshield. It’s hilarious when they turn their wipers on and usually get the point.

  47. Let’s hope we are not calling someone that had a mechanical or medical issue and couldn’t pull to the side an idiot.

  48. I feel like a lot of peope think what you learn in driver's ED doesn't apply to them. Even when in a rush you can give yourself space to stop.

  49. Absolutely terrifying if the Honda's automatic braking or whatever TF computer assisted driving did this, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter why or how the Honda stopped; the other drivers were following the Honda and each other way too close if they couldn't stop or avoid it in time.

  50. It's because nobody follows the three second rule anymore. I hate driving on the expressway because people think if there is more than a car length between you it is the end of the world.

  51. One thing it seems the Hondas brake lights are not on? Even if you are at 3 sec follow distance you can eat that up quick before you realize the car in front of you is actually stopped without any sort of visual indicator (red brake lights); you don't expect there to be a car just sitting in the passing lane on the highway.

  52. Hopefully every single person involved learned the importance of keeping their distance. But they probably didn't...

  53. Remind me of my aunt, when I was a kid, this women legit stopped her suv in the middle of a busy street because she dropped her earring and was trying to pick it up…..

  54. Cars can stop for any legitimate reason, and the drivers behind them won't be able to see the reason for a stop. That's why it's always up to the cars behind to not tailgate so that they can stop in time. The idiots are everyone other than the stopped car.

  55. 100%! When the red car brakes they didn’t slam on theirs, just kept going! Panic id say definitely set in!

  56. Everyone in this video is driving way too fast and too close. You should be following at a distance that, if the person in front of you slams on the brakes, you have time to react

  57. I assume the idiots are the cars following to closely to stop in time? Maybe this car shouldn’t have been stopped, but sometimes things stop or slow down on the freeway. If that causes a wreck, it’s not on the car that stopped.

  58. And that’s why you don’t fly down the highway riding peoples asses especially when cara are stopped ahead… driver shouldn’t be allowed to touch a car again

  59. Driver with the camera didn’t slam on their breaks in time when the breaking lights came on the vehicle in front of them. IMO the idiots here is everyone following too closely behind including the idiot who took this video.

  60. Seriously people, when you get the chance, practice braking really hard. You'll have to work up to being comfortable doing a max stamp on the pedal at 70 mph, but it might just save your life, and at the very least reduce an injury accident in to a fender bender.

  61. This does happen for legitimate reasons, and you should never follow at a distance where you couldn’t stop if the guy ahead of you slammed the breaks. I was going home from college and rear ended a guy who stopped dead because there was literally a COUCH sitting in the middle off the road, trucks to our right, blind turn. It seemed a bit like bs but I was found at fault and learned a lesson that day.

  62. There is too much bad driving these days. If you can't even get on the brakes before you crash into someone, you need to drive better. Actually, just stop driving all together.

  63. This almost happened to my family. Idiot said "I was told you shouldn't drive on a flat tire".

  64. Person who filmed this obviously didn't cause the accident, but come on you can see the break lights, you're just way too close like 90% of drivers

  65. That’s what happens when you tailgate. Always keep 3-4 seconds distance from the car in front of you

  66. Everyone sucks here. Following too close, if a car stops in the middle of the road for whatever reasonyou should be able to stop in time

  67. seeing as though the honda only got a slight bump, i'd line it up and make sure it was just as damaged as the others

  68. I’m willing to bet this was in Virginia. Looks like our highway signs. Looks like our shitty drivers.

  69. I'm sorry to say this but the idiots are the people driving too close to the car in front of them. The Honda driver could have stopped the car for any reason, he could have been sick or got anything related to a problem of the car itself.

  70. Everyone but the person who's car literally malfunctioned is at fault here, you have no right going that fast with absolutely no visbility what's going on up ahead THAT CLOSE to the car before you. This situation would've been completely unavoidable if people who populate the road were actually skilled enough to use the cars to drive them safely.

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