Bike brake checks a car

  1. You have slighted me. Now I shall force you to kill me, forever changing the trajectory of your life.

  2. I still remember seeing a video out there of a semi with a Harley stuck to his front bumper driving down the highway. Basically the same thing. Most of the comments stated that the truck driver probably didn't even know the Harley was there.

  3. The true tragedy is the biker wont send that clip to MotoMadness 😂 I wanna see what the driver in the car had to say

  4. My work involves these situations - with my company the bike rider will wish he was dead when we’re done with him.

  5. I hope the original video made it to the court so that the car doesn’t get blamed for “rear ending” which the back vehicle is almost always deemed at fault.

  6. It's like in school when someone finally stands up to the bully. You either both get punished or only the victim gets punished, because the bully's family is affluent. "No tolerance" policies like that are so ignorant in a world filled with grey areas

  7. I love how the driver just keeps going, like they aren't a witness let alone have video evidence of the "accident"

  8. A guy did a brake check ob me, from 70 to 0 mph on the highway. I had to swerve to a screeching stop. Cars behind me had to swerve. Basically chaos out of nowhere.

  9. Not just that. But break checking a car when your in a motorcycle? Wtf. That’s practically Darwin Award level.

  10. People do genuinely insane shit on the road like that all the time with little or no provocation or justification at all. Physical road rage is beyond my comprehension, it’s pure stupidity

  11. The only two scenarios I can think of are anger management issues. Anger blinding all rational thought. Or insurance scam. Wanting to get a payout cause they got rear ended

  12. Only idiots look at bikes and think "ah yes lemme cover this fast moving metal contraption with my soft fleshy bits".

  13. Especially when bikes can just lane split and if you're pissed off at someone, drop a gear, and disappear. No point "teaching" them a lesson. They never learn

  14. the caption is wrong, most plausible explanation in the comment concluded that the biker was in the wrong lane when he saw all his friends exiting the highway, therefore he's most likely braking accidentally, not brake checking

  15. Why is this NSFW? The car doesn't even knock him down or off the bike. As the cameraman passes, the biker is at the helm of a new 5-wheel, 2 engine machine.

  16. Break-checks only work if you're bigger than the car behind. Bike tries that on a lorry, man... he wakes up in Skyrim or something

  17. I hate the fact that non-riders feel this way. I promise you we are not like this BECAUSE we ride a bike. Only people that are dick heads to begin with AND choose to ride a bike are like this, and the rest of us hate them for it.

  18. when i saw the NSFW tag i thought it was gonna show someone getting hurt. But when I watched the vid it looked like the car was dry humping the motorcycle. Is that why its tagged NSFW? Because of the dry humping?

  19. I legitimately want to sit down and have this guy explain his thought process. I can’t think of a dumber thing to do on a bike like jfc

  20. Thinking exactly the same thing when I see someone on a bike tailgating a car. "How do you think this is going to work out for you if they tap their brakes?"

  21. Look at this absolutely oblivious driver in front of me! I’ll zip in front of him slam on the brakes. That’ll teach him!

  22. There could not be a motorcycle owner on earth who doesn’t know bikes have a lot shorter stopping margin than cars. This was either suicide, or malfunction. If intentional, we have a winner.

  23. Wow I hope that driver was recording that shit from their perspective as well. The fact that cars have to watch for motorcycles but the motorcycle drivers can do what they want is beyond me.

  24. I've never understood why you want to brake check someone. I get its good to know whether someone's an idiot or not but isn't it safer to just expect them to be an idiot and move on?

  25. These people do it because forcing someone else to brake gives them a feeling of power and control, it's pretty sad tbh

  26. I was expecting the biker to come out the other side under the tires of the car. Stupid fucker’s lucky this wasn’t much worse.

  27. i love seeing morons get what they deserve. feel bad for the car driver having to go through the repairs though.

  28. What the hell is wrong with people with this brake checking bullshit? In my country (Italy) I see all sorts of driving misbehaviors (speeding, tailgating, passing on the right, driving in the emergency lane, honking and flashing like there is no tomorrow) but never have I seen such a useless and incredibly dangerous practice as this.

  29. I swear many motorcyclists just assume they're invincible. They forget they can die, yet they still do stupid shit.

  30. That idiot is lucky he didn't get turn apart by the car. Why would you even risk your life like that to annoy someone?

  31. Brake checking is already stupid, but to do so after overtaking is fucking insane. Who the fuck does that.

  32. You can’t get dumber than that. Mf forgot that you’re on a bike. Also that car look likes it was munching up the biker and bike. Lmfao

  33. With all that Humpty Dumpty action from the car, I fully expected to see that biker coming out from underneath the backside of it. I’d absolutely annihilate my husband myself if he ever did anything this fucking stupid!

  34. Everybody should just start crashing into everyone who brake checks them. Then those people will stop brake checking.

  35. Look, my cousin died in a motorcycle accident, but this legit made me laugh. This guy is an absolute idiot. lol

  36. As a motorcyclist there's absolutely no reason to brake check you've got the power and the ability to lane split and dodge so he's lucky to be alive

  37. I have no steel doors, no seatbelt, no airbag, no roof .. but let me go ahead and brake check a several thousand pound vehicle that could run over me like a speed bump. After all, it's only a compact car.

  38. Eat the bike doo doo doodoo doodoo, eat the bike doo doo doodoo doodoo, eat the bike doo doo doodoo doodoo, EAT THE BIKE

  39. I'm with you. The opinion is very controversial but every time something like this occurs I double down on it. And I fear being the poor bastard that ends up penalized for something reckless some dipshit on a crotch rocket tried to do in front of me.

  40. Dude is lucky he did not die. Motorists like to drive recklessly in Malaysia. This caused a running joke/rumour that motorists are automatically innocent in any accident involving cars, that is why they are so brave to drive like maniacs.

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