Rider just doesn't want to give up.

  1. I didn't see him take the keys.. I was so confused about why he suddenly just decided to give up after the cop let go of the brake.. lol

  2. That's a bigger plot twist then Star Wars "Empire strikes back", when Lukes finds out Vader is his father.

  3. That was my thought. Simple traffic stop, or even a drug stop, suddenly becomes resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer if they want to really hit him with charges, and if they want to trump up the charges I bet they can find some problems with the bike or his registration or something.

  4. Canada! The signs and the traffic lights gave me US vibes but the fact that the gun stayed in the holster spoke another language. Makes sense. It’s from Canada eh.

  5. If you look when the camera angle goes to the front. He has a vice grip on the brake to stop it driving off. To reposition that hand would mean likely losing the bike. Other arm likely busy trying to get the keys and get the gets hand off accelerator

  6. Or just hit the emergency shut-off switch.. it’s right there on the right, exactly where he is holding onto the bike

  7. I live right by that intersection. Its a 60kph route and there are motorbikes going 100kph plus on that road 24/7. Im glad the cops actually tried to do something before a bad accident happened

  8. These people don’t care. They’re just looking to get away in the moment. And maybe he’s got a kilo of cock in that backpack. Any subsequent charge will be less than that.

  9. That's what I was thinking, don't even need to let go, to do it. Just put some weight through him and push the bike the other way.

  10. As an American these cop videos are really boring. You know how many shots would’ve been fired by the 4-second mark of this video had this occurred in the US?

  11. This one sure didn't attend the training for "how to ignore an occupation on Parliament" offered by Ottawa's Police Service.

  12. This obviously didn't happen in the USA, which explains the lack of using unnecessary force followed by justifying it by claiming that he thought he saw a gun.

  13. I know this cop is trying to prevent him from hurting himself and/or anyone else but DAMN I found myself wishing he would just let him go suddenly. He would have immediately wrecked with the way he was revving and pulling on that thing and it would have been instant and satisfying af karma.

  14. Most people, me included, just want crazy traffic videos. A sub title is just a sub title. Where would you draw the line? No trucks allowed?

  15. This was in my old neighborhood of Lakeshore and Ellis in Toronto Canada. I'm surprised that no force was used tbh. Not saying our cops are anything like yours but still surprised.

  16. It’s sad you need to put that disclaimer for what is clearly a joke. But you’re right, you probably would have gotten torn a new one without it

  17. Now I understand that a lot of cops are bad here in the US, but this would be a perfect scenario for one of those cops

  18. Am I the only one who wanted to see the cop let go right at the apex of the burnout? Just go full on Frozen and just let it the fuck go lol

  19. No he was just helping him do a burnout cuz the front brakes weren’t strong enough to hold the bike in place with only one person holding it. Needed two people’s strength

  20. Lot of people saying hit the kill switch. Don't you start a bike with a similar button too? Wouldn't the perp just start the bike again and keep trying to get away?

  21. That cop is bad ass. Would have been hilarious if he let go when the guy was doing a burnout and the guy would lose control and crash soon after.

  22. This dumb fuck biker looks like he's never heard the word no in his life when you finally see his face. This is the most polite resistance to a cope I've ever seen.

  23. He yells "comon" when the cop finally turns his bike off like he wasn't just trying to evade police. And doesn't take off running the moment it is, truly bizarre

  24. Considering that viral video of an American cop emptying his clip into a 16yr old's car after coming up to him unannounced and opening his door while he was eating McDonald's... Yeah

  25. Cop needs training. It's so easy to knock a rider down that's not moving. What a twat though, if you let the cop get close enough to hold your front brake, just give up lmao

  26. Just let the guy go. Not only is the cop endangering himself but he's also putting the driver and public at risk. What if the bike flew out from under the two of them and ran into the crowd that was watching?

  27. Taser wouldn’t work through that thick clothing. Plus he have to take his hand off the bike which was the only thing preventing him from riding off.

  28. At about 01:29 in, you can see the officer’s face and it tells all “this MF isn’t getting away. It’s almost funny. Please for the love of all that is holy, post this shit, because it’s hilarious. I’m not letting go.”.

  29. Probs end up getting sued for something. Unless someone’s life is in serious danger usually best just to stay out of it

  30. No, don't! You will only make things worse. The cop doesn't know what your intentions are and might think you want to hell the biker, and the biker will 100% try to go after you legally.

  31. Ah yes. Murder, the solution to every problem you could come up with. And one is left to wonder why the US is a country in decline, with Homicide Statistics that are more closely comparable to developing countries than anything else.

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