ILPT Request: A non alcoholic beverage that is the same color as whiskey

  1. Bartender here. We always have a Jameson bottle full of iced tea when we know people are gonna be trying to buy us shots all night. Usually for like birthday parties or whatever.

  2. I saw a blues musician do a set- he was swigging from a bottle of Jack. Backstage, I found out that it was an empty Jack bottle filled with tea. You can do the reverse.

  3. Or disguise it as something completely different. If it's outside, empty out a sun lotion bottle and put it through the dishwasher a couple of times and refil it with your drink of choice. Nobody opens the sunlotion, it's the perfect way to smuggle booze.

  4. This is an unbelievably common trick. I used to work behind a bar and people would constantly buy us drinks. So we'd take a shot of vodka, charge them for vodka, drink water, and pocket the money.

  5. That used to be a line used in feuds by rock bands back in the 80's by saying they are drinking tea instead of whiskey.

  6. Pure leaf tea. Heat up boiling water. Dunk the cap of the bottle in the water. Pull it out and use an oven mit. Unscrew the cap slowly and it won’t break the seal. Refil with Jack, dunk the cap back into the water for 5seconds. Screw the cap back on. Seal ring should still be intact

  7. Can't believe I had to scroll this far for this. I'd imagine the non-alcoholic drink has to be sealed to prevent exactly this, but none of the other answers address the issue. Nice method!

  8. Wow this is impressive. It does make me wonder if someone just might have a drinking issue? Still, great tip that I will probably never use.

  9. This is the way. Drinking your whiskey with a straight face is a learned skill OP may not have yet as a youngster. Mixed drink for the win.

  10. If you can’t think of a single brown liquid, you probably shouldn’t be chugging straight whiskey in a public place

  11. Lol now I'm imagining OP doing a hefty bit of predrinking, being buzzed, mumbling, jumbling, reeeking of whiskey as they try to pass through the security checkpoints with this mangy looking iced apple tea jug that they've spilled onto themselves a few times already and just can't seem to keep the lid on.

  12. Lol now I'm imagining OP doing a hefty bit of predrinking, being buzzed, mumbling, jumbling, reeeking of whiskey as they try to pass through the security checkpoints with this mangy looking iced apple tea jug that they've spilled onto themselves a few times already and just can't seem to keep the lid on.

  13. Lmfao yea no one will notice you at the college sportsball game drinking straight from a jug of tea or apple juice. Carry on lol

  14. To be fair, these beverages also come in conveniently sized plastic bottles as well... but even still, it doesn't seem like it would be that out of place drinking from a gallon jug at a college sportsball event - college aged people can get be pretty wild

  15. instead of whiskey do vodka... you cant smell it, and you wont reek of liquor after drinking it. mixes with everything, or just in any bottle of water (instead of the water)

  16. Literally the reason vodka became so popular when it emerged in the US market. Can't smell like whiskey at fam events, work or church. Depends on your work and fam tho i guess

  17. Or, just mix coke and wisky in a coke bottle. Or do pure wodka in a water bottle. Or throw in wisky and ice in a isolation cup. Or make your own sigarettes with pot and sneak them in on your high school dance at age 17

  18. I quit drinking 2years ago because I mastered all these. Mini bottles are your friend. Also as Bills season tix holders (bills mafia), my gf had a plastic soft flask we'd fill with booze and shed hide in her huge titties.

  19. I think the commenters who say they refuse to offer advice to OP solely because OP is underage are forgetting what sub they're in...

  20. They will probably check if it's sealed or not. Best option is wear pants, pour whiskey in a thin bottle, and put it in your sock. Bring unopened bottle of apple juice. Get inside pour that shit out and pour whiskey in now empty bottle

  21. Burn or drill small hole in bottom of coke bottle...dump as much as as necessary out...insert liquor with large syringe or other device you might glue the hole closed. Mic drop. Or put bottles in someone's titties. Either should do. Ha.

  22. Surely someone could fabricate a fake titty filled with the booze of your choice? Then, when thirsty, slip the fake boob out of your friends clothing and slurp down the tasty beverage. Even better if you are a female. You don't need a partner. Just lop out the booze teet and refresh oneself. Good for sporting events, pta meetings, weddings, christenings, baptisms, lengthy job interviews. Hell I'm onto a winner, how do I contact dragons den?

  23. Monster Import has a resealable top. That would be more ideal. Jolt Cola if it still existed would have been an even better alternative.

  24. I've bought whisky into clubs in a tea infuser and telling them it was tea. I am Asian so prejudice may be in play.

  25. Just put vodka or gin in a water bottle and you’re set. Can always mix it with sprite beforehand or buy that at the event

  26. Most venues allow a sealed, smallish water bottle. Dump the water, add white tequila and use white glue to make a seal around the cap. Once inside, buy a lemonade and you’ll have a pretty good margarita! Bring 2!

  27. I know at the MLB Baseball stadium I used to work at they would allow you to being a Styrofoam cup filled with just about anything, they didn't ever check what was inside.

  28. As a sneaky whiskey drunker...any bottled ice tea brand looks similar to whiskey. However, unless you are just taking lil swigs aways from prying eyes 👀 someone will notice.

  29. Listen to me. Idk if i’m too late but depending on how foolproof you wanna do this I have a way that is almost impossible to catch. Basicaly you put the whiskey in an iced tea bottle, then you close the bottle and you apply a second factory seal. All you need is a second identicle bottle that you do not open. There is a simple process that involves boiling water that will let you remove the sealed cap from the other bottle and apply it to your boozed one. I have done this maybe 12-15 times and it works especially for when you go into an event and a doorman tries to look for booze. If the bottle is unsealed, the doorman can open it, take a sniff and instantly know if it’s alcohol or not. By sealing your bottle, the chances of it being discovered are very slim because most doormen at these kinds of events will not open a bottle if it has the factory seal. So depending on if there is a doorman or not at your event I recommend this because it takes only about 10 minutes to do and will work reliably.

  30. Drops of food dye is probably a good idea. Iced tea, apple juice, or tamarind soda will look suspicious since it looks like whisky but diet Coke won't.

  31. Iced tea bottle. Add a small drop of red food coloring and a drop of green to darken the whiskey to a darker tea color. Or depending on the whiskey, a green tea and just a tiny bit of yellow food coloring will work.

  32. Far more options to this using vodka. I would just get a jug of Gatorade and mix in vodka and be done with it.

  33. Tamarind soda is brown. For extra credit buy some jarritos bottles of tamarind soda (your local Mexican grocery store probably has it) and fill that with your whisky. The only downside to this plan is you have to drink the tamarind soda which imo is nasty. Ymmv though

  34. I once had shoes that had flasks in the soles, you can easily smuggle booze in anywhere with those. Do a few pre game shots + flask shoes and u r good to go.

  35. Just take an opaque bottle. We used to do that with 2 Litters square carton bricks. And you can even improvise a strap with ductape for festivals!

  36. We used to sneak booze in to football games by pouring it in double plastic bags that we shoved down our pants. Just buy a coke or something and use the restroom to mix it. Grogg!

  37. Just say you're already high even if you're not and don't want to get mixed up, people often respect that and stop offering you everything

  38. Cream Soda. I literally pour a half glass of cream soda in a whisky glass with a giant ice cube and feel like a baller lmao

  39. Fill a balloon or sealable bag in a camelback, fill camelback with water. When they look in your camelback they'll see and smell water, dump water out pop balloon or open bag drink whiskey from camelback.

  40. We used to mix a 2-liter of coke with whiskey for the hydroplane races. You can take a knife and reverse the “teeth” on the cap seal so it comes off without breaking and then put it back on and it looks factory sealed.

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