India has exported 66.2698 Million doses of vaccine to 94 nations in the world, which is 36% of its total supply.

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  2. Would have been better if India used those vaccines for its own population! No good deed that India does for the world goes unpunished - people need to understand that THE REST OF THE WORLD does not operate according to 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' logic. We have to look out for ourselves!

  3. I wish you would read the terms and understand that half of them had to be exported and it was a formality, not a choice, also EAM Jaishankar has said that they are now prioritizing Indians over countries for vaccines.

  4. I'm genuinely curious, were Indian companies donating these to other countries? Or selling at a profit because case numbers in India were reducing... Hardly a good deed if Indian companies/authorities thought sending 36% of their entire vaccine supply to other countries outside for a profit meanwhile ignoring all scientific modelling for the second wave. (Again, just curious)

  5. Even today, I believe we should have stocked vaccines for our population first, before helping other countries. Make your home well first and then help others. But hopefully, vaccine problem should be resolved in few weeks.

  6. India could have been in a far better situation if govt had acted on allocating resources and started getting vaccines manufactured at a high pace when we had time. Exporting the vaccines doesn't makes much difference if the production could have been high but they kept delaying and now we are here.

  7. This has been seen as a threat to usa (putting a ban on the raw materials exported to india for wuhan virus's vaccines) and china (has been enjoying support from the african countries in the UN) for.....

  8. Meanwhile 3.5 lakh cases blowing up in our own backyard daily and thousands dying due to covid. Seriously why the charity when we can't help ourselves first? Even in a plane the flight attendant tells you to put on your oxygen mask first before you help your kid and we're sending out vaccines to countries we don't even interact much with on a global scale when our own folks are dying like dogs in the street without oxygen and vaccines! Can't fathom the logic here.

  9. I wonder what those countries that supported India's export of vaccines are doing themselves. Why are India's so-called allies, like the US, Australia, and Japan (i.e. the Quad) doing to help?

  10. Stop spouting nonsense center is still giving free vaccine. You want to get the jab at a fancy hospital pay the price.

  11. Nobody's stopping you from getting themf rom government hospitals btw. Yohr choice if you want to pay for them at fancy private ones.

  12. No. Vaccination is free for everyone in UP. For 45+ age group central govt covered. Others state govt is covering. We didn't pay a dime for vaccine.

  13. What is the big joke? US has 25% population full vaccinated. This exporting is a big joke

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