All the physical / mineral / inorganic sunscreens that I have tried

  1. I can totally connect about reequil sheer zinc and la shield spf 50 gel! They're raved about so much and I really wanted to like them. But they just don't go with my oily acne prone skin

  2. I know right!! They just feel so heavy, and I can literally feel my pores clogging up (sorry for the horrible imagery) ://

  3. OP love your review matter of fact im a mineral sunscreen lover, currently using Neutrogena Sheer Zinc sadly Lotus one same as yours is still inside my cupboard i got it to use it on my body, I hear Z Block is good im waiting to finish some of my SPFs so i can try it.

  4. Thank you so much!! I’ve heard a lot about Z Block too, and I have the exact same problem: too many sunscreens to get through 😭😭

  5. If you try the Z block sunscreen please do review it. I kinda want to try it bcz of the 25% zinc oxide but I'm also scared bcz its full of silicones and last time I had tried the ponds spf 50 it gave me contact dermatitis (and I suspect the silicones or Fragrance idk) 🙈🙈

  6. La shield Fisico sucks ass, pardon my french. It's terrible to use and even more terrible to remove. The tube comes half empty and the oil separates from the white paste (??). Idk why I gave in to so much hype by skinfluencers. Anyway, OP, thanks for the reviews, nicely made post. Must've taken you a while. Take my award for your hardwork and spent bucks!

  7. Thank you so much omg!! Also yes, I faced the same issue with the cream separating after a while. It was just very unpleasant to use daily.

  8. same it was the first sunscreen i ever used and it was a nightmare ugh it gave me breakouts and the sunscreeny smell won't go away and it was a lil hard to remove

  9. I only went out a few times with the zoray one, and it worked well! But I have to warn you, the white cast is super badd. I had to compromise on because I didn’t want my acne to get worse.

  10. Hey! Thank you so much for this post! I realise that this was posted some time ago but it would be realllly helpful if you could tell why you wouldn’t recommend wearing Qurez outdoors. I’ve been eyeing this sunscreen for quite some time, and recently bought it and it’s literally the first one I’ve tried that doesn’t leave a white cast

  11. Hey! Sooo the reason why I said I wouldn’t recommend it outdoors was more of a personal preference + paranoia about the sun for me haha. I was concerned about how much protection it would actually offer.

  12. As someone who’s always on lookout for mineral sunscreen (chemical ones give me photo-allergic dermatitis) this is such a helpful review!

  13. Thank you!! I have an allergy to chemical filters as well, and went through so much trial and error to find sunscreens that worked for me. Hope you can find some from this list too!!

  14. Hey, after a lot of research and recommendations from the sub and elsewhere, Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid and Lactic Acid are exclusively being mentioned a lot for treating PIE and/or texture. I have some texture and PIE, soo I decided to go for Minimalist’s Vitamin C and Tranexamic Acid, haven’t received them yet soo i can’t say anything about performance.

  15. I experienced pilling if I put this sunscreen on a even a slightly damp face! But if my face is completely dry, it goes on very smoothly without any pilling.

  16. have you tried the skin aqua super moisture milk? Its a physical sunscreen and said to be very elegant with a minimal ingredient list(for Japanese sunscreens). Could be worth a try?

  17. I’ve heard a lot about this sunscreen! It definitely seems like a dream sunscreen from what I’ve seen online but it’s so inaccessible. It’s either out of stock or priced exorbitantly wherever I’ve looked. Do you know any websites that stock this sunscreen?

  18. I am so glad to see this post. I am also someone who can never use chemical sunscreen, it gives me sever skin reaction.Neutrogena sheer zinc is the only sunscreen that suits my skin but the white cast is horrible.Dont think eclipse Will suit me as it has fragrance.Will definitely try out Qurez .Between Zoray and Neutrogena sheer zinc which one do you think has less white cast?

  19. Heyy, so between the Neutrogena and Zoray, it’s definitely Zoray that has much less of a whitecast. I think that’s because it’s a LOT easier to spread! And Qurez is definitely a great sunscreen to use indoors, it’s very lightweight and has almost no white cast.

  20. i opened reddit today after a year because i am in need of water resistant sunscreen and remembered i had used a borderline waterproof sunscreen a year ago by someone's recommendation here, browsed nearly for an hour and here i am. Going for zoray APS again. thanking you again.😊

  21. I’m so glad my review helped you so much!!! Zoray is definitely a heavy duty sunscreen that I KNOW will give me the protection I need :’)

  22. So sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, these are actually products I have used in the span of an year! And I didn’t finish a lot of them because they felt very uncomfortable on my skin. If a 100ml tube lasts a month for you, then it must be enough because I usually take more than a month to finish 50ml tubes.

  23. Hey, love this post, thank you!!! Just checking in to see if you're still using the above rated sunscreens or if you have found new ones that are physical instead if chemical? Looking for a NON MICRONIZED physical suncream, ideally waterproof

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