What worked for for your PIH? Drop your secret, so it no longer will be a secret.

  1. Did a derm prescribe Exagel? I've been thinking of trying Exagel but kinda scared of using it on my own w/o a dermat's advice. How do you use it and what's your skin type?

  2. I honestly didn't realize it but my PIH significantly went down since the last two months due to my constant usage of sunscreen and frequent reapplication. And let me tell you go for SPF 50 and PA++++ and don't compromise on that at all if you're prone to PIH. Despite wearing sunscreen for two months I noticed the best results in the last two weeks when I switched to a PA++++ sunscreen tremendously and I can vouch for this because I had a huge cystic acne which is healing right now and there's almost 50% less PIH than what I normally get 🤩

  3. Using minimal products on my skin did wonders. AM: Snail mucin, moisturiser and sunscreen PM: Snail mucin , niacinamide, Adapalene and moisturiser. Paula’s choice bha once every two weeks. The trick is to be patient. It took me almost 4 months to see it vanish and another 2 for it to completely clear.

  4. Absolutely this. Works everytime to maintain the minimal routine patiently. Also, niacinamide speeds up the healing . But by the time my old scars heal, I'll have new ones😂

  5. Ardent biker here with no history of using sunscreens or moisturisers. Riding years under the sun for thousands of kms damaged my skin. At first when I saw those dark spots I thought those were shadows or something, later I realised it was PIH. Now it's been almost 3 months now following the routine and my pigmentation has reduced 80%.

  6. helluu people who are reading this, it's great that it worked for him/her, but pls don't use glycolic acid everyday unless ur derm tells you to

  7. The new alpha arbutin from minimalist ( weird smell but much more faster than the old formulation) and that surf excel smelling yellow and blue sunscreen from la sheild.

  8. Lactic acid and Vitamin E in the form of tocopherol . L ascorbic acid will burn skin of color and induce more PIH if used in stronger concentrations. Anything within 10% is good

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  10. I use the .05 % tretinoin . Alpha arbutin serum form the ordinary. SPF with PA++++. And a go for a chemical peel once every two months with a licensed dermatologist .

  11. I’m using the TO Azelaic acid 10% along with a niacinamide based moisturiser at night 6 days a week. Dr. Sheth’s medium peel the 7th day with a heavier moisturiser. And sunscreen everyday without fail. It’s made a huge difference to my acne scars, they’re fading so fast!

  12. Azalaic acid is helpful for the darkness around my mouth. If I stop using it, the hyperpigmentation will come back in a month or so.

  13. For me having a proper hydration focused routine definitely helped, additionally I also apply adaplene which was prescribed by a dermatologist. Earlier it used to take months for the marks left after acne to go away but now I have noticed that it starts lightening immediately after the acne dries down and almost fades away with 2 weeks.

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