Experiences with products from Neemli?

  1. Okay so I’ve tried the tranexamic acid. It doesn’t feel strong, I’ve only used the minimalist one before this. It also has 2% alpha arbutin. It feels like water, and the playtime this product has is quite impressive, two drops will spread to your entire face with ease. I have pretty sensitive skin and it didn’t break me out so that’s nice. In terms or performance, I have pretty stubborn pigmentation so anything would take time, but w pigmentation you just wanna throw as many products as possible so I’d say give it a shot, get the 15ml one and see. Though I doubt I’ll repurchase since I didn’t see any crazy drastic difference.

  2. How is it for you!?? I have put posts like this and also queries regarding the brand. No one seems to have used it!? I am curious. I have been using minimalist Tranexamic acid now. Its been good. But i have some stubborn hyperpigmentation which wont go. So i have been asking people abt neemli

  3. They're just extremely overpriced maybe that's why. Like Korean items for 2k last like an year & last i checked these guys sell 5 and 10 ml stuff for 1k that won't last even a month probably so not even worth being given an oversight imo.

  4. The packaging seems a bit cheap tbh, the pump doesn't work the best way possible. Got my 30ml bottle of serum for about INR500 after some offers they had on, which is very reasonable considering that's pretty much benchmark. I like that the formulation apparently contains 2%alpha arbutin and the 10%tranexamic acid. I've restarted tret at the same time as well though, 2x a week, so some of the ++effects are going to be from that. Taking progress pics, may post an update.

  5. I was thinking about ordering it too. Foxy seems like the best option for the awesome offers it provides. But I haven't found a review. So kinda skeptical. Maybe I'll order it and post a review after a while. "Fine I'll do it myself"

  6. I have 3% tranexamic acid cream(tranesma gel) that i bought from my known dermat and i asked her if i can use it and she said you can give it a try....so i would be starting it soon...

  7. used their tranexamic acid and their mandelic acid. both felt like they did nothing to my skin. i ended switching to other brands after about 3 months of consistent use.

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  9. Y'all if you try that 10% TA please let us know 😭 I've been eyeing that too but it's seems so shady like nobody has made that high of a percentage before then how did they do it 💀😐

  10. I recently tried Neemli 10% TA. It worked like a charm on my hyperpigmentation. It's not at all irritating.

  11. Didn't like it so much, finishing it up putting it in my body lotion occasionally. Tried minimalist, started seeing results in a week.

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