Urgently need Mumbai Trich/Derm/doc recommendations for extreme hair loss. Midback length hair but increasingly losing hair after dengue and starting exercise program.

  1. Seconded. This happened to me after I had Covid. Unfortunately there’s no way to prevent it. It has to run its course. I started taking vitamin supplements and calcium to help hair grow faster after talking to my doc.

  2. Hey there, hope you’re doing good. I checked the link for your comment. Could you please share the smoothie recipe. Also I am also low on ferettin anb vit b12. I got shamed by my hair cut person last week because hairfall is crazy :( what supplements are you taking for these deficiencies

  3. I have to agree. I saw your comment about rinses and it has helped me as well. I haven’t been the most regular with it but I always make it a point to do it whenever I can. Second, coconut water. It has helped me tremendously. Ever since I got covid AND typhoid together last year , I was very scared about telogen effluvium. But it does get better over time. However with OP this is like a LOT of hair. I didn’t face so much loss.

  4. I suffered from this earlier this year. In addition to everything above, i was given minoxidil serum and a sulphate free medicated shampoo along with a few vitamin and mineral supplements. You can visit any experienced dermatologist around you in case there aren't any specific suggestions. I took medication for a month. It was only then that I noticed my hair has stopped falling completely after 45-50 days since I started taking the prescription.

  5. I'm currently going through the same problem right now, except I had hairfall issues before dengue too. It was nowhere as severe then but it was noticeable enough that people had started to point out the lack and thinning of my hair and now I've lost way too much of my hair concerned how much will grow back, if any at all

  6. Already taking vitamin D for a deficiency and my iron is OK in recent bloodwork. This has been happening for a few weeks now and I need to get a doc to look at it.

  7. Dr Neeta Rajani's Skin Clinic. G4, New Parijat, 28 Azad Nagar, Veera Desai Rd, behind Axis Bank, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053 Ph: 022 26734684

  8. Talogen Effluvium.. After dengue it happens 😭 Happened to me too after typhoid. all you can do is eat healthy along with necessary supplements so that new hair that come are healthy..

  9. Get someone to check for bald patches. Could be alopecia - it’s an autoimmune that can be triggered by a lot of different conditions. If you’re seeing any patches, see a doctor immediately

  10. Hey. So just going through the same. Post swine flu hair started falling. Sharing a few tips: It’s disturbing to see the hair falling. I used to get extremely upset. I cut my hair short and then at least the hair fall didn’t ‘appear’ so bad which helped me mentally. Protein - load up. Think of your plate as a pie chart - 2/3 should be protein. Also eat some omega 3. Even though iron seems ok - check with doc if you want to do a ferratin and iron study. Sometimes absorption of iron is low which may not show in normal CBC. Vilvah hair fall hair oil/ the Ayurvedic Bhringraj oil kottayam / Arya Vaid shala etc - oiling helps. Go to a Dermat - they will prescribe some topical scalp spray and that will also help.

  11. Hey everyone! Thank you for the really kind comments and words of support, it is so appreciated and needed in times like this <3 I imagine this is TE as many comments suggest, because I've had dengue recently, snd earlier this year, covid, twice in a month around july august. My health has been super off in 2022 and this is probably my body reacting to the stress after symtpom recovery. I have also lost over 10kilos of weight this year, partly due to life stress, partly to regular workouts + caloric deficit. I'm going to see a derm and gynac both for general checkups and necessary blood panels to rule out anything potentially more serious, but far as I know, my most recent tests from 2 months ago have normal iron, d3 already being supplemented since 2 months, I eat super healthy, green juices and soups almost everyday, regular exercise.. it could either be hormonal or illness recovery related. Best to get a professional opinion. As scary as this is, seeing clumps of hair just come off, I've shaved my head before (highly recommend) and I could totally do it again if necessary. I love how warm this community has been, so thank you again and please do drop suggestions for your favourite gynac in Mumbai if feasible. Happy holidays everyone!

  12. As many have said, this is Telogen Effluvium. I went through it too and remember how depressed and heart broken I was at the time seeing handful of hair literally come off. I went through a few sessions of PRP which helped with the regrowth. Maybe it's something you can look into.

  13. I had telegenic effluvium. It lasted for over 6 months. A certain percent of your hair dies due to sickness/ poor nutrition etc and then you start losing all that hair. My doc told me there’s nothing you can do to stop the hair fall but you can increase the hair growth. I had follihair tablets, used Kz lotion as a shampoo and some other stimulate hair growth cream. I have knee length hair now that receives compliments when previously I was actually thinking I was going bald. I still lost about 30% of the previous thickness of my hair but it’s long and healthy now and doesn’t fall much. It all worked out in the end. Please try and take care of yourself as this is a stressful time. You can DM me if you need to talk

  14. Happened to me as well after doctor put me on a unnecessary long duration of antibiotics. Lasted about 6 months. It gets better so don't worry. Don't take stress, eat well.

  15. This looks like it needs urgent medical attention, may be alopecia areata in addition to telogen hair loss. Would recommend Dr Punit Saraogi, Dr Jaishree Sharad, Dr Deepti Ghia. But do have it checked ASAP.

  16. I went through the same thing after I got dengue earlier this year. For me, it was Telogen effluvium. I’d leave a trail of hair behind wherever I went and taking a shower was heartbreaking given the hair loss.

  17. Hi I was going through the exactly same situation in 2017. It started after about 2 months of contracting dengue. I know what you are going through. It sucks! I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work for about 3 months. I then went to a dermatologist who told me that there is no cure for this. She prescribed some biotin and multi-vitamin tablets. The hairfall seemed to reduce a bit after this ( by this point, I had nearly lost about 60% of my hair). My hair started growing, but it took almost 1.5 years for it to look even half decent. What really made a difference is the yoga practice that I started during covid lockdown. It has really made a big difference and after 5 years, my hair is healthier, thicker and more beautiful than it was before!

  18. I would if I remembered to. Please consider however, ideally before leaving a comment like this next time, that actively going through what's happening in such pictures, be it with skin or hair, could be quite a shock to the person posting, and much more triggering than anything you're experiencing as a witness. You don't seriously expect someone to remember hashtags and trigger warnings when asking for help while they're going through a potentially traumatic event? Your comment is really inconsiderate. Scroll past sometimes.

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