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  1. A piece of wood of mass 0.03 kg is dropped from the top of a 100 m height building. At the same time, a bullet of mass 0.02 Kg is fired vertically upward, with a velocity 100 m/s, from the ground. The bullet gets embedded in the wood. Then the maximum height to which the combined system reaches above the top of the building before falling below is? (g = 10 m/s)

  2. a cone of 50 mm diameter of base and 60 mm length of an axis stands on a point of its rim on hp so that axis is inclined at 45 degrees to the hp and 30 degrees to vp. draw its projections

  3. Are sir 🙏 मैं वैसे आर्च का उपयोग करता हूं (I use Arch btw)

  4. The electric field of a plane electromagnetic wave is given by y​=E0​icos(kz)(ωt) The corresponding magnetic field B is then given by:

  5. A car travels 6 km towards north at an angle of 45 to the east and then travels distance of 4km towards north at an angle of 135 to the east. How far is the point from the starting point. What angle does the straight line joining its initial and final positions makes with the east?

  6. If the solution curve of the differential equation (2x−10y3)dy+ydx=0, passes through the points (0,1) and (2,β), then β is a root of the equation:

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