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  1. Really digging the sound choices and chords progressions here, and has a vibe I wish to recreate one day. That being said this does give me a somewhat amateur vibe so I’ll give few tips.

  2. Thanks - great feedback! Definitely still learning a ton, so tips like this are super helpful in refining the craft. Not sure if you have any “go to” references/training on mixing…I’d love to learn more and just make the whole thing gel. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment!

  3. Appreciate the feedback - especially the specifics on what worked / didn’t for you. We’ll take another listen and see what we can improve for the next one. Vocals are a bit of a style choice for us, but get what you’re saying on the processing - probably a bit more training on how to apply effects and mix vocals will help. If you have any references you use they’d be very welcome! Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Love this track, very unique. really like the ominous atmosphere on this. The vocals could use a little more variation at point, some more harmonies could fix that i think. Also some of the transitions between sections are a little sudden, you could work on adding some subbtle wooshes and stuff.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it! We dug the eastern melodic vibe as well…it started as a late night jam and a simple chord progression on the guitar, then we woke up the next day and just pulled the rest together. Will definitely take your advice on intro and consider where harmonies could layer in effectively. Also some mixing technique between segments - will do some more research to see how we can clean those up. Really appreciate the feedback!

  6. I think the mix and production are really what’s holding this track back. I would probably just start from the ground up with the production on this one personally. I think a lot of the synths are way too stock sounding, they could all be swapped or heavily effected by some sound design. The vocal mix could also use a rework.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep working on it! Mixing is tougher than it seems - and sadly not a lot of places to learn how to do the basics that I’ve found online. Appreciate any links you’d recommend.

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