What do I do with perfume samples?

  1. Why don’t you list them on the Sunday buy/sell/swaps on here? You could offer them individually for $1-2 a sample, or offer bundles based on scent family or brand for $20-30. It might take a few weeks of listing them here to get rid of the bulk of them but I’m sure they will mostly find good homes. You could even throw some in as freebies if people purchase off you and you would be able to get rid of more.

  2. If you can and want to, participate in the Sunday swaps. You can make a spreadsheet with each individual sample, notes, etc. or you could offer them in lots by house or however you want. You won't sell them all, but it should make a dent. You can go back and look at some of the posts from last Sunday

  3. I tend to add mine as little extra if someone buys a full size bottle because I don’t have the energy with selling and wrapping all these tiny vials on their own. Haven’t gotten negative feedback yet from anyone, so it seems that people like it. Though I try to add samples of the same group to the brought ones (like gourmands to gourmands, florals to florals), so someone who gets something dark and incense-y doesn’t have to deal with a gourmand vanilla cake.

  4. I don’t really sell any full size. I tend to only buy the full size ones I have tried and love. I do think putting them in groups based on scent notes is a great idea. I like the idea of adding them to purchases, though, and I would love to get a surprise like that in a package I received.

  5. I am not aware of any donation possibilities but as you already mentioned, you can destash it by selling it to other people. next it will depend on how much effort you are prepared to put in.

  6. Right now I am leaning towards random grab bags, but I think I might group by scent family. I wish I had time to make a spreadsheet, but there are SO many of them.

  7. This is what I want to do with some of them. I was asking at home last night and someone also suggested a local group for teen mothers. The girls live in group housing with their babies and I bet they would like some perfume. There’s a domestic violence shelter in a nearby town, and I’ll try them, too. Thank you!

  8. Believe it or not, I have actually asked around and no one wants them. I tried to give them to my daughters (early 20s) and they said they don’t want to mess with them. I might ask them again to see if they changed their minds.

  9. I'm a teacher, and sometimes I'll bring them to work and ask the people at work I know who like fragrances if they want some samples. It's become a whole thing now at work, people put a bowl for me to put fragrances in

  10. you could definitely sell/donate them on this sub! i’m sure there are tons of people here who can help you with the sunday swaps. also, with samples that u like but don’t love, you could mix them into bath and body products, use them to scent something in your home or vehicle, try layering them with similar scents that you love, etc!

  11. Aside from what other people have already covered, if there are any of them which are "nice, but not exciting" you could repurpose them by putting them in DIY sugar scrubs or unscented lotions/hand sanitizers/hair oil, or putting them on a square of felt or pantyliner and sticking it the bottom of a drawer.

  12. I really like the idea of putting them in the bottom of a drawer. Super idea! Some of them I just don’t want to wear but they smell good. I’m also now thinking about how I can add them to bath and body products. 🙂 I don’t want to just throw them out because they still are good perfumes, and that’s a lot of money to just throw away. I feel like someone should use them somehow.

  13. I sell them all for $1 +$5 shipping. List them all with the notes. They sell eventually. If you wish you can put a minimum purchase.

  14. I would either group them by brand or by fragrance group and sell them. I think it’s too much of a pain to sell, wrap, and ship individual samples so groups of at least 5-10 are easier.

  15. Thank you for the link to that thread. I also like the idea of watching for people who are new and looking for specific notes, maybe offering a surprise grab bag for them. Kind of like the Perfume Fairy Godmother. 🙂

  16. Honestly I just go through them and give them to friends and family sometimes, based on what they like :)

  17. For ones I won't wear but don't make me gag: I dump them in the garbage if the trash smells but isn't full enough to take out yet. This is good for samples that you just can't get rid of and don't know what to do with. You're still using it, just not in a way that's super obtrusive

  18. For ones that don’t sell, try to mix some of them together and experiment. For example, if a scent is too dark/strong, mix with light florals or tea (or anything that you think it misses). Maybe you’ll find a combo that you really love

  19. There are a lot of people in the IE community looking for certain fragrances. I also have a list of decants/samples I’m looking to purchase, here’s the [link]. If you have any from these that’ll be great!

  20. I’ve personally just spent so much money buying samples and am always looking at where I can find them at a decent price. Some I pay $10+ for. So they’ll definitely sell.

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