Has anyone gotten their campaigns that disappeared last week back yet?

  1. My dr. Barbara sturm is still gone. That was almost 700 dollars in products I received so I certainly want my credit for doing it. But at least I got the items.

  2. Same. Tier 9 and no new boxes in about a month and I haven’t had a survey for longer than that. CS responded to me finally and said they know the campaigns disappearing is a glitch on their end, but couldn’t guarantee the campaigns would come back.

  3. Mine haven’t either :( I had JVN, Belif, and Aerie legging cashback disappear 🫠 the only one that stayed was the Fall prep box. I emailed them about it and their reply basically said they’re working on it & they should pop back up soon…we’ll see lol 🙃

  4. None of mine have showed back up. I lost access to the Orveda Ironing Effect Mask and Heinz Secret Sauce campaigns before I could review. I received the exit surveys for the Ferrero Rocher, Sam and Libby and Viktor and Rolf campaigns I completed earlier than required(thank goodness). Those badges are on my profile even though the campaigns are gone(I can’t really complain about this one🤣).

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