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  1. It’s a make up box! If I wanted sunglasses I’d resign up for fabfitfun or some other life style/ accessory box. So happy I canceled.

  2. I remember quay sunglasses being heavily promoted by influencers for a long time. Has anybody owned them? Are they nice?

  3. I have several pairs and I actually really like them but would never want them in my subscription box because 1: different types of sunglasses look good on different people. I personally hate aviators and do not ever wear them. 2: all of my Quay sunglasses I've gotten for <$20 when they run sales. And I buy the ones that are normally like $65+ so whatever glasses these are would be worth <$20 to me and I'd probably hate them anyway. Yet another reason I will not be resubbing to X 🤣

  4. i have a pair from a fabfitfun box a few years back, and the metal detail on them tarnished within months from just.. wearing them near the beach, lol.

  5. I have a few. They have made the rounds in lifestyle subscription boxes. They are nice mid priced sunglasses but I don’t see why they would be in a beauty box.

  6. I have one pair I got from fab fit fun. Pretty sure I didn’t choose it. I’ve been happy with them though. Mine have held up okay but I’ve had to be really careful not to have them bend in the middle. They’re definitely my nicest pair of sunglasses but I likely wouldn’t buy them regular price. I for sure wouldn’t choose them in an ipsy x bag.

  7. Oh man my face cannot pull off aviators. I haven’t worn them since I was the unabomber for Halloween in 2010 (which I now realize was an insensitive costume - but at the time I was an idiot).

  8. Lol, I haven't worn them since Top Gun came out and they were the thing. These also look huge and cheap.

  9. I wear prescription glasses. I’ve gotten quay a few times before. The people I gift them too have enjoyed them. As for me, I don’t know what an/hydra is but I don’t want anything else.

  10. I think it's a clay cleanser lol . Like a powder cleanser. They claim a $60 or $80 value for it hahahahaha. Already cancelled x...I will buy literally anything else instead. This box is just a slap in the face of all POC and a rip off made of w.e they couldnt sell in Boxy charm last year . Yucks!

  11. Man I wish I could upvote this more. This box IS all over the place. It's like a leftover box trying to pose as a GBX.

  12. If that’s a temptation call me a saint. I’m blind, the only sunglasses i can wear are ones i buy from the optometrist. I took the money i was gonna spend at ipsy and got an imaginary authors sampler set. Way more satisfied than whatever /this/ is.

  13. Same. I would be so angry if I got these sunglasses because I could not use them and still see. So glad I canceled. Instead, I treated myself to a new dress.

  14. I know that some people love getting sunglasses, blue light glasses, etc. but I have never seen sunglasses as a "one size fits all" item. I actually struggle to find glasses that look good AND fit well. And not just that, but I don't wear contacts and might as well be blind, so all of my sunglasses are prescription. I see sunglasses in a lot of sub boxes so I guess they are popular.

  15. Prescription sunglasses are a must for me. I hate transition lenses and I usually need bifocals, but not when driving, so I can get prescription sunglasses from Zinni cheap.

  16. I hope only two people get them and that it's not me. I want to cancel or pause the X and just go with GBP if I don't have a choice but someone said if you do it messes up something? Not sure what so I haven't made a decision.

  17. My guess, it will be Kayali perfume round 2. If you wanna sunglasses, just buy sunglasses. No-one need bunch of junk with them as the bonus.

  18. I love Quay sunglasses! I’m hard on sunglasses so I like that they’re easily replaceable and not too expensive. Not really tempted by these though because I like brown/tan lenses better.

  19. I've never understood why boxes don't take the seasons into account more. I never got an SPF during spring or summer, for example. Like, c'mon??

  20. I mean I end up wearing sunglasses more in winter because snow is bright af. But yeah they don't feeeeel February

  21. Oof, once again, glad I cancelled. The only two things that interest me are the under eye patches and I wouldn't hate the gloss, but I could literally go buy those for less than the box (especially once they start popping up on Poshmark and Mercari). No FOMO.

  22. I was hoping to see the advent calendar on sale for $25 ish, but not so far. I wonder if they actually sold out, or if Ipsy ripped them all apart to sell the items separately.

  23. Wut. How are the sunglasses related to beauty? Is it for when I butcher my eye makeup but don't have time to fix it in the morning? Is it listed under tools?

  24. Two people will end up getting the glasses. Also, quay has better options available. The gradient ones are far better than just the plain black ones.

  25. Only thing that looks good is the PM gloss. I already have ABH brow gel, just bought a new tube. The rest is meh. Yeah I’m prob canceling and it sucks bc I’ve loved all my GBXs.

  26. Am I the only one who is somewhat interested in this box? Lol… I’ve been looking to replace my item moisturizer anyways… but I agree so far the price point doesn’t seem like $500+ ….

  27. On the signup info for Glambag X they say it's $500 value and on other spots they say it's $350 value box. Ipsy has been getting shadier and shadier. That charging people different prices for January Second Add On Sale was absolutely WRONG!

  28. I actually think these are really cute. Also makes having to get this box a little less shitty. Hopefully I get them.

  29. The Huda box I got I liked a lot as I did the Patrick Ta. But I've skipped the rest and the day I found out about this kid curating I cancelled X.

  30. These sunglasses look like the kind you can buy in a four pack from Amazon for twenty dollars and that’s fine because I buy those sunglasses because I lose sunglasses all the time. I’m getting this box although Addison Rae is not a great choice for curator vs someone like Selena Gomez or Mario or Mykalia or Pat McGrath or Bailey or Jackie Ina. Item beauty isn’t comparable to high end products, but rare beauty is.

  31. I’m probably the one that was hoping the boxes would be more “item beauty” heavy. I don’t really know much about Addison Rae but I’ve gotten concealer, bronzer and an eyebrow pencil through ipsy that were item beauty and I really liked them. Getting that eyeshadow palette would be a bummer but I’m sure that’s what I’ll end up with. In wondering what the item that “everyone is getting” will be

  32. I used to like aviators but these days I can't stop associating them with cops. I'm not opposed to getting cute sunglasses in Ipsy boxes but even if this wasn't a cop pair, it wouldn't be worth a box of mediocre junk

  33. I bet this gloss we all well see on the Ipsy sales. And there is no necessary spend 60$ for just a chance to get gloss.

  34. If it was the PMG mascara again and it was guaranteed, I might have. I am not as impressed with her eyeshadow, I've tried a single and a mini palette and don't want sparkly special shades for that price. But I loved there mascara, just not enough to pay full price, ever in my life. $30 for a mascara has to pair my socks or walk my dogs to be worth it.

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