That feeling when you get a GBX... by accident?

  1. I have NO IDEA what's goin on here, LOL. I joined up with GB Plus in January. I have no GBX sub and no charge on my account. I guess happy accidents do happen??

  2. I signed up in January as well after selecting my choice for my glam bag plus. It sounded like a subscription going forward but they instantly charged me and I just received the glam bag x as well! I am pissed because I paused my account on purpose when Huda was released. I would double check again that they didn’t charge you!

  3. That’s so weird because today I got a completely random glam bag plus that I was absolutely not charged for either and I already received the one that I was charged for. What is going on with them??

  4. Seriously, that's cool for you, but this actually makes me angry. People like me who paid full price and got absolute shit boxes, or had things missing (also I didn't get mine until check it, JANUARY), and you don't even have a sub, and get this??? No no, Ipsy. Not cool.

  5. I agree. I'm happy for you, but it does piss me off (it's ipsy I have an issue with, not you) that ipsy can't get their shit together. I paid for a full years worth of GBP back in November and if they make a mistake like this for one person, now th at the word is our, they should provide the same gift for all. Course they would never do that for many reasons. Good for you, bad for ipsy.

  6. I still haven't got my November GBX yet! I had to write Ipsy two times about it and they finally responded and said that they would send me another one. I'm guessing that mine will have similar products to this, but without some of the add ons that I picked and are out of stock.

  7. That absolutely blows!! I'm still so unsure about what to do with mine. Like, do I keep it? Do I send it back???

  8. They should do that on purpose for all of us every blue moon. It would keep us all excited about this boring Ipsy thing. I’m totally ready to cancel. I spent my points last month& still haven’t gotten my stuff& I’m not at all in the mood for the hassle of contacting them !!

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