Noticed in the app it says click for full reveal for Glam Bag X. These are the new spoilers added…

  1. This is...... something. Not a good something. Thisnisnthe first time I have ZERO fomo for this box. I have not seen one item I wanted.

  2. I'd be interested in the FAB serum but that's it and it's less than this box costs if I truly wanted it that much. PMG gloss, sure, but not in those bland colors. And PMG has sales here and there.

  3. Silly me... I was worried that spoilers would come out after I cancelled (last week) that would make me regret cancelling. Clearly I didn't have anything to worry about.

  4. I cancelled awhile ago because it didn’t look great, but they’ve sent me more than one email being like “baby come back, we’ll treat you better this time”

  5. So I’m guessing they couldn’t secure Glow Recipe or Tatcha for this bag. 😒 Guess that was to get idiots like me to sign up. Really wishing I had waited a week to sign up. At least then I would of known who the curator was and not signed up.

  6. Ok I was just gonna go searching for where I could have SWORN I saw Tatcha and GR in the original spoiler announcement!! But if you saw that too then I know I wasn’t tripping.

  7. I would have fomo if there was Glow Recipe or Tatcha but still no spoilers of them which by now you think they would post some because people are canceling left and right.

  8. I know and with this saying full spoilers I would assume this is it unless they are holding out for some reason I don’t know?!

  9. Agreed! That skin oil is great for winter!! I've been wanting to buy it since my last bottle ran or but it's never on sale. I would be happy to get it in my box

  10. Ugh. I’ve been a member since the beginning but this is so underwhelming. I was going to hang in to see if there was a reward for charter X members but not sure it’s worth it.

  11. I think these are the “curator picks” and there may be more spoilers that will be choice items, maybe? It just seems like there’s always far more spoilers for the X than this time around.

  12. I would like to think that but our choices are never that good even for X. A girl could dream though. I would love to be wrong.

  13. The only x I have purchased has been the first one they did. I liked most of the items I got in that one but have never felt like I was missing out. This month especially I’m not sad about missing.

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