GBX Arrived

  1. I’m happy that I got it although still fairly underwhelmed. The K18 is interesting and the hair towel feels really soft and nice - and is way bigger than the cheap ones I’ve gotten in the past. My only regret is not adding on the PMG gloss (GBX add on’s don’t show up in second chance :( )

  2. The K18 is amazing! It worked magic on my raggedy hair. It looks and feels a lot better. I had already purchased a bottle at Sephora, so i was excited to get another bottle for touch ups. Also the Lilly Lash serum really works! My lashes are insanely longer, darker and curl up! Amazing. There was a couple of choices that were meh though.

  3. “If your not following @IPSY for all the latest GBX news, now is the time. We’ll be reveling May’s celebrity curator soon, and trust us, you’ll want to be the first to know.”

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