Random Order Arrived

  1. A friend received a glam bag recently even though her account is cancelled. 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe this is the reason why so many people did not get their bags in May. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. 🙋‍♀️ me I didn't get my may bag! 😭 i have to wait 2 more days until I can contact customer service.

  3. Lol I cancelled Boxy after a few years and switched to Ipsy. Not sure of the logistics with them being basically owned by the same company now, but this happened with Boxy a LOT. I got a random box of like 9 Spongelles once after I made a drop shop order. Then also got my order after. The evil part of me wanted to place random little orders in hopes this would happen 😂

  4. What's worse is this is my first month with a bunch of add ons that I got for end of year teachers gifts so I ended up having to hustle last minute to find replacement items. Sigh. Oh well. At the very least I just want my money back.

  5. Yea but WHY do I always get the wrong skin tone.. I need to stay away from Light Neutral in Yensa. I don’t know my color w/ Yensa but when I found out? It’s going to be best damn foundation..Ever.

  6. The radical difference is amazing. Yensa foundations are AMazing. Hopefully it’s in your skin tone at least??

  7. How long does it take to see results for the radical difference? Surprisingly the foundation is my exact color. I completely lucked out with that.

  8. I’m thinking IPSY too busy w/ the whole “Boxycharm” takeover & reason for messed up boxes. I’ll rephrase to say I’m not thinking but know for sure it’s the Boxycharm takeover. It’s now the 8th & I used to have my Boxycharm box (or at least tracking #) but now I’m waiting on (2) Ipsys & (2) Boxycharm boxes. IF Ipsy wanted to really take over Boxycharm?? Take over by using the Carriers like USPS &/or Fed Ex vs this DHL stuff, we all know IPSY has the Money to do so!

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