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  1. Sometimes Ipsy will decide an account has "suspicious activity" and will stop allowing people to buy things from the shop or sales. The frustrating part is that contacting IpsyCare gets them nowhere -- Ipsy will not say what constitutes "suspicious activity" and will not restore the accounts, no matter what. And the kicker is that they will still charge people for and send the monthly subscriptions, so it's not like there's a problem with their payment info or anything.

  2. Yes, as others have said, Ipsy can sometimes close accounts for "suspicious activity", but will not disclose what the threshold is for for suspicious. Which makes sense, so that people can't abuse the system, I guess.

  3. I don't see why having multiple accounts would not be allowed since you are paying for it. There's people online who post multiple bags but also get PR which means Ipsy is aware, and I've never seen it posted anywhere that it's not ok. I have had multiple accounts in the past, like when I used to get my daughter a bag too. Most items were different. I had multiple BoxyCharm, 3 times, each time the boxes were different. It has been a couple of years though so I don't know if things have changed in the diversity of combinations of items. Hope that answers the question.

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