Anyone still waiting for May Glam Bag X or their replacement bag?

  1. Me. I’m so annoyed at this point. I wrote CS and they told me they sent a replacement but haven’t gotten that either. Haven’t gotten my June glam bag. Honestly, at this point I’m just shitting money out to ipsy for no reason. I’m literally just waiting to receive these items before I cancel altogether. I don’t trust them to actually send what I’ve already paid for if I cancel before I get them. The email about inflation and the price change was just comical. You expect me to pay more when you can’t even deliver your products on time now? No, thank you.

  2. Yep, still waiting- was told it would come no later than July first. 😂😅 Tracking number doing the same thing the original one they sent me did, which is not move at all.. not even tendered to DHL. They’d already run out of the three items I picked in choice, and most of my Addons, so at this point it’s just a box of random stuff that may or may not show up eventually. :/

  3. Yep! They sent me one to my current address but I’m moving in less than two weeks and forwarding stuff has been a nightmare so far. So they sent a second one to my new address.

  4. Yes. CS said I need to wait, gave me 600 points and I am still waiting. I aaked about the cost of the annual plan with the supposed 20% off and I received a generic oh its for the annual plan. I rephrased my question and they ghosted me.

  5. I received my original bag, I think, and my add on was not in there. They told me my replacement bag would not have the add-on, but they also said I would not have the Sunday Riley and this bag did.

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  7. I think I received my original box, missing my add on and with several items replaced. My replacement had supposedly shipped, but really hasn't. Same with my June bag.

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