Will you be getting August?

  1. This will be my first time getting GBX and I’m excited! I’ll probably pause September to take a break though and come back for October (hoping for a cute Halloween themed bag).

  2. I just skipped this morning. Since the price increase/handling fee, I have been a lot more conscious of my spending on GB and GBP (I have both). I feel like I really need to be excited about a decent number of products I see in spoilers in order to justify the spend, and that's just not the case for me this month (even at choice for GB, I couldn't pick bc I really wasn't enthusiastic about any of the options).

  3. Regular Glam Bag only to redeem points, then probably cancelling. Fed up with the price increases and customer service runarounds for refunds and replacements

  4. Same thing for me. My last annual bag was July. I’m going to pay monthly for August then skip for the foreseeable future.

  5. I'm getting the GBX because it'll be my second time and I'm still excited about it. But I think it'll be hard to top May's bag. If I don't get several products I'll enjoy then it'll be my last one. There's quite a few I want from the spoilers but there's also a couple I really don't want. I wish they'd given more spoilers though. It would make the decision easier lol.

  6. This is my exact thoughts as well. May was my 1st one and I really liked it. I'm worried I'll spend double the price for it and be disappointed but it seems like the months of the Xbag the plus bag items are not that great and I don't end up liking my plus bag too much

  7. I started to think a "bad bag" the one that came in with missing items. Before it was a bag with only "tube" items. I'm only subscribed an year, few months ago all was good ( or maybe I was newbie and excited a lot ), don't know what happened to IPSY, but is really annoying not being able to count on good service anymore.

  8. Plus only for me, I was excited about X at first but once they released the spoilers I thought it looked pretty blah. That Truly lotion was available to buy for $4/5 from boxy drop shop a few months ago. More highlighter… please never give me another highlighter and maybe I can use the ones I have over the course of the rest of my life. Ditto blushes. I wear blush but… I will use one like ten times and the original press pattern will still be there, I can’t imagine panning the ones I have, no need for new palettes of them. The Keys line is interesting to be but I have a lot of skin care already and I skipped the AIA box with her stuff a couple months ago which was a better deal I think. I’m going to seriously consider canceling after my points are used up, only 1100 to go! 🥳

  9. I'm getting plus after skipping the past few months. I'm recovering from a surgery and need a pick me up even if I'm probably going to be disapointed.

  10. I've cancelled everything but Ipsy and Margot Elena, so I'm staying for right now. I might add the Orly Colorpass and drop Ipsy, but I still need/want something monthly.

  11. Plus only. I'm on annual. A couple of the spoilers look appealing to me (i need a new face wash, my skin likes dr. Zenovia, and that goldfaden product looks intriguing.) I've been with ipsy on the regular bag for a year and then cancelled it when i moved to plus in march. I've yet to really be disappointed with a bag as a whole, though there have been some items I've not cared much about and have gifted to friends/family they would be better suited for. I may do X in November as a birthday treat to myself, but this month i want interested in spending extra money.

  12. I keep saying I’m gonna cancel ipsy because lately I can’t afford ANYTHING extra or fun. I want to at least use up the rest of my points. I don’t really care for Alicia Keys, but recently bought some Keys toner because the ingredients looked nice, not realizing the brand was by her, and I LOVE the toner! Her products are on the pricey side, so when I saw she’s the next curator I was like OH HELL YEAH! But yeah, these ipsy price increases are BULLSHIT.

  13. I’m on the fence about getting gbx because everything seems great in it but I have a lot of stuff so I don’t really need anything and I’m trying to save money since I just started beauty school

  14. Maybe regular GB for a shot at add-ons. I passed on X and there’s only one Plus spoiler I’m interested in.

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