Anyone else also stuck?

  1. For which month, I'm still waiting on August...and a July replacement that not even sure will have my items. Ooooohhhh Ipsy, we love to hate you and just can't leave🤡

  2. September. It typically takes until the end of the month for my stuff to arrive. However, it’ll usually say it’s shipped by now. I’ll watch it travel further away from me for a bit and then it’ll eventually quit giving me updates and randomly show up.

  3. Last two months mine is shipped around 14th -15th and comes in 5 days exactly. That never been the case before that. So, what is DHL showing for yours, created shipping label?

  4. Seems to be common with DHL. I was a little bummed that mine got shipped with DHL this month instead of Pitney Bowes. I have way better luck with Pitney.

  5. Mine is still in "assembly" and hasn't shipped before the 15th since maybe February. I screenshot my bag just so I can raise hell when they send me a past design too because I haven't received the correct design most months this year. They also refunded my points and took items I redeemed off of my activities. Ipsy hates me lately. I have never felt so whiny, but if you look at my past posts and comments on Reddit, they are almost entirely complaints about Ipsy. Most recently, they didn't send any of my free bag invites to the 5 people and CS has been ghosting me since Friday.

  6. Mine too. Honestly this is the bag I have liked the least in the past 6 months so I would be OK if it does not ship and they just refund me.

  7. Where is the Ipsy manufacturing site at? I live 7 minutes from Ft Worth. How is it going to Ft. Worth first and then up ND? Mine has the same shipping status as yours, but different cities listed.

  8. I live in South Carolina and my original one was shipped from North Carolina it went to Indiana Atlanta Georgia and some other state before it finally came to South Carolina this was August bag

  9. Sheesh been waiting my sep bag and 3 days ago i got the dhl notification of "delivered" in mailbox at 12:30 am just to go down at 2 pm and found nothing :( either the deliver person took it or a porch pirate i will never now :(

  10. We do have a DHL here in Ft Worth. I guess the package might make its way here at some point in transit to another state but that seems like more effort and time, and not as direct. My status says shipped today. I think DHL gets it the post office. I have had status updates in the past that showed it was hanging around at my local post office for days and then one day it just shows up in the mailbox. I guess I will probably just be surprised one day this week. Possibly. 🙂

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