This is my replacement August GBP

  1. Ouch, my replacement was awful too, I complained about it and basically got a 'you got what you got because that's all we had.. Here's 600 points.

  2. Tell them you are not paying them for points and they have an obligation to send you what you ordered or give you a refund! They do not have the right to steal from you and send you something completely different! That is a total switch and bait! Threaten to report them!

  3. That's better than what I got my replacement is a free $3.50 product from the flash sale on the 2nd of Oct. I'm tired of the BS this will be my last bag. I started getting the Allure box my first box was great so I hope this don't turn into a sinking ship like Ipsy.

  4. My august replacement was horrible as well. They gave me the whole I'm sorry here's 600 points but I was like wtf that not acceptable. Now they're refunding me the $73.00 for all my addons and gave me another 1200 points and a free add on for October. Don't give up!

  5. Haha. Do you want my Dew of the Gods cleanser? I got it in my August bag but Ipsy won’t stop sending me face wash and I’m never going to get through the stuff I already have.

  6. They gotta be kidding. At this point with what you received, you should just request to return this back to them, since it is not what you paid for. They cannot refuse you a refund for your August GBP, first is almost October and second this does not look like not only the correct GBP but it doesn't look as GBP at all. What do they think, that will get away with the garbage they have left and sent to you and others?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Turns out that doll sized palette is my "special gift". My 3rd item is actually a coffee scrub which according to Ipsy is supposed to be a different brand and maybe even an entirely different product.

  8. Better than my replacements I received the same brush from last month and some ugly blush ugh by kismet but now I have the complete set of them brushed and 2 extras ugh .But I love your set and please et me know if they are any good.But they didn't send my sponge just a stupid repeat brush

  9. I am so sorry. I would be fuming if that is what I got without a refund. I wonder how they decide who gets what kind of compensation. I unpaused my membership so I could get the October bags. It billed me for September GB. They are sending me September GB and issued a refund. I don't think it's fair for non-uniform approaches to people's issues. If it's worth it to you, you could remind them that full sized point items are like 1200-1800 points. 600 points for the Oryza quad being subbed in might make sense, but they're missing the whole other items. I really hate that formula so I'd be fighting for a refund for that item too. 😱

  10. Well I’m missing 2 items completely and all 5 items are supposed to be full size. I guess that tiny doll size palette is full size?

  11. Actually I ordered similar ones (metal) from Sephora before. I use them for headaches. So I'm seeing the globes as part of my headache rescue kit.

  12. The replacement I received was a single mascara no bag or nothing finally they got back a hold of me today and said they’re sending me a whole new replacement glam bag I’ll get the email in 5 to 7 days so we shall see

  13. Some weird solutions they gave you. First the items received are two ( the little palette you say it was a "gift" ), then why they don't refund you 3 items, but only two? Second, according to them these two items replacements are GBP worthy? I don't know, but I wouldn't be happy with all this. I would probably insist on a refund or credit for GBP ( like next month bag for free ). It doesn't seem fair what they are doing. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Wow this makes me weary of ever trying plus again in the future! I’ve had it on and off throughout the years but now I just have gb. I think I feel safer with that because plus is too expensive for this sort of treatment!

  15. Demand a complete refund. This is completely ridiculous and not what you paid for. They didn’t even send you a whole bag or any of your items. They are getting more and more outrageous with trying to steal from people lately! Threaten to report them and chargeback!

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