Anyone tried this? Sent this instead of choice Tatcha rice wash.

  1. I've never used Tatcha's rice wash so I don't have a comparison but I really love that cleanser. You only need a tiny amount so it lasts forever and my face feels amazing after using it.

  2. I love that powder type cleansers--they work well for me and they the best to travel with because they don't take up your liquids allowance. I just put a little bit into a separate small container and it lasts a long time because you don't really need much at all. Like just enough to cover your fingertip if you dipped it damp inside.

  3. Ipsy sent me the wrong September bag. My replacement bag had this instead of my choice item which was Tatcha rice wash. I checked and this looks like it is expiring next month. Guess I'll be trying to use it up! I've never used a powder cleanser before.

  4. The tatcha rice wash is really drying, imo. I like the tatcha creams but didn't care for that cleanser. Amore Pacific is an expensive brand, so I think you got a better item, but sorry you didn't get your choice. You could message them about it and they'll prob throw some points your way at least.

  5. I tried this before and it’s really quite lovely. If it’s the same as what I tried, you use a powder and add a bit of water to make a lather. They carry this brand at Sephora and upscale department stores for last several years. I really liked the products/line but could not afford to purchase regularly at that time. It left my skin really soft, clean, and clear for the most part.

  6. AP is one of my favorite K beauty brands! Definitely prefer it over Tatcha. I have a powder cleanser from Glowoasis that I also love and that leaves my face feeling smooth and soft.

  7. I have one from holifrog that I hated when I first got it but now I’m in love with it.

  8. I received an exfoliation product from this brand this product in an earlier bag and liked it enough to use it. No other real opinion on it, wouldn't buy it.

  9. This stuff is amazing and I love it so much. In my opinion it’s 1000 times better than the Tatcha and I am a Tatcha fan. I think you’ll love it. I loved it so much I went to buy the full size until I saw the price!

  10. Everyone seems to love it but i don't get the fuss. It's alright; I have some but rarely use it. It's certainly not worth what the brand charges for it. And Amorepacific uses a fragrance in most of their products, including this one, that i HATE. It's a shame because some of their products are really nice formulas if i could ignore the weird old lady smell that makes me nauseous

  11. I've gotten this before and I loved it! More than the tatcha rice wash , leaves my skin so smooth and you only need a really small amount for your whole face

  12. I wonder what I’m gonna get. I had 3 tatchas as add-ons. They had to send replacement bag as nothing was updated for 20 days. Only 2 products they said were sold out and for a credit for… not this one.

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