Ipsy December Glam Bag design

  1. I feel confident it's so they can sell the mystery bags. I thought last years Dec bag was lame too, how can they be out of decent designs? then I saw the mystery bags, and I was like ooooooh I see.

  2. Strange color choices for a December bag. Not a fan. Something winter themed would have been cool. Makes me nervous to see what the GBP bag will be.

  3. They couldn’t even do like blue or sparkles for winter? I know not everyone celebrates the same holidays so a non-Christmas bag is understandable! But really not even a snowflake ipsy?? Come on😅

  4. I paused my membership because I thought the November bag was hideous. I was really hoping for a cute December bag. Looks like I'm staying on pause.

  5. I've been subbed since 2016 and they've never done a "Christmas" themed bag, if I had to guess, they never will either, as it's not a holiday everyone celebrates, and they're not trying alienate people. They usually stick with boring silver metallic or something sparkly for winter. I'm actually kinda into this color combo personally.

  6. This color combo was a fashion look a few years ago. Not sure why this is the Christmas bag though.

  7. Am I the only one who hates red and pink together? I feel like Ipsy keeps trying to gaslight me into thinking that pink and red don’t clash.

  8. SAME! It hurts my eyeballs! They will never look good together, imo. Stop pushing this color combo down our throats!

  9. Peep the beauty? Looks like it was made from Peeps, lmao! Ipsy obviously just said f*ck 2022! I don't think I'll be sticking around to see if it gets better!

  10. That looks more like a Valentine’s Day bag… red/white, red/green or green/white would be a little better, but pink? It also looks like a fuzzy bag. I don’t mind that as much but the colours are just odd.

  11. I’m literally sitting here right now about to renew my Ipsy subscription. I was a subscriber for about 5 years. I left 3 years ago because I got bored and now I want it again.

  12. True… but why red? Why not like a light blue and white like snow, or a single colour with white/silver snowflakes, or green like pine trees. So many other choices they could’ve done. Pink is overdone with them.

  13. I'm beyond sick of Ipsy at this point. Every month Oct. I didn't receive my glam plus bag at all but was charged for it. They sent an opened pink ipsy mailer with nothing in it except the sleep mask. Took me a month to get them to send me a replacement but then they just sent me replacement items because all the good stuff was out of stock and they never sent me a glam plus bag at all. Then Nov rolls around and my bag was missing the KVD blush so I had to reach out and let Ipsy know and they gave me a $6 dollar refund whoopee! If the products are so cheap how come it costs me over $30 every month? I'm sooo sick of Ipsy's BS and how pathetic all their products have become. After December I'm feezing my membership. Their customer service said if I still wanted to cancel to just let them know and they'd cancel it immediately. It's hilarious how on top of canceling memberships they are but getting the items and glam bags they charged your account for they can't seem to handle that at all. Smh I don't see how Ipsy stays in business. I think I'm going to switch to a different beauty subscription. Does anyone have any suggestions of any subscriptions that are full size products?

  14. Soooo many people are into pink and red together. It’s a huge trend and Ipsy follows the latest bc they’re the trendfollowers 🤣🤣🤣 not setters

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