December 2022 Glam Bag Choices

  1. I was really torn between 5 things. 😳 I didn't try that bronzer though. Mmm, I didn't even consider it as a choice. Maybe I moved too quick. 😳

  2. I got their tiny It's Only Natural mini palette a few months ago and thought the quality was good. I kind of loved that the mini palette was about the size of a credit card. Easy to take if you travel anywhere (it was nice and convenient to bring when staying over at my boyfriend's place too). They are a legit brand specializing in making their own mineral-based products. Leaning towards picking that, since usually when I pick makeup for choice it gives me more makeup, but also still on the fence about skipping and just getting GBP in December (despite the Valentine's Day giraffe bag vibes).

  3. I choose that too! I already own a big bottle of the Fenty and the other thing I saw that I really wanted was a shadow brush. I really hope a lot of these things are on add-ons! It really was so hard to choose!

  4. That likely would’ve been my only choice. I love the toner I got last month but all my items lately have really sucked. For January I may let them pick. Gotta use all my points in December as well.

  5. I went with the Fenty Cleanser (45ml) instead of the first aid beauty collagen bc at least the mini of the cleanser is $14 on the Fenty site; I can get the FAB product for free during Sephora’s promo.

  6. Right now the mini cleanser ( 45ml ) plus the mini toner ( fat water ( 50ml ) ) duo bundle are 12$ on Fenty website and shipping is free. ☺️

  7. I went with the unicorn blush brush to build up my brush collection. Ive never tried that brand before. The retail value on that brush is $24. Seems more like half that value, but we'll see. The Christophe Robin and Brazilian hair stuff both smell sooo good. There were lots of nice options this month! But that Bella Pierre seems to be the popular choice in this feed!

  8. I also went with that brush! It's pretty and i don't think I have a blush brush yet but I have other unicorn brushes from other brands.

  9. I'm still thinking about skipping GB and only getting GBP in December but going to pick the eyeshadow in case I change my mind.

  10. those swatches look so chalky and light. I have a peach toned belle pierre and I dont like it. packaging is so cheapband I am not fond of the color pay off.

  11. I wasn’t at all Impressed with any of the options. I ended up skipping the month. I wasn’t Impressed with the bag design either so it’s all good. I likely wouldn’t have gotten my bag In time anyway for December.

  12. I was tempted to get the eye cream but ultimately went with the brush because I could use a new blush brush that's less round than the current one I have. Fingers crossed most of this ends up in add-ons.

  13. I got the teatime under eye but had a hard time choosing between that and the milk bronzer but in the end, I don’t wear bronzer often, but do use under eye daily.

  14. I got the milk mascara in the September Allure box and it was horribly clumpy and flaky! Could have been a bad batch but I would definitely not buy it.

  15. i tried the mascara and my beef isnt so much the mascara but that the product pools at the entrance when I tried to put the brush back in the tube. not sure if anyone else has experienced this? it makes such a mesd

  16. I haven't tried them, but Tarte is just 5ml, it won't last as much as the mini mascara. I would go for the mascara, but that's me. Think of what you need most and what you have as products less.

  17. I am not a fan of Milk mascara. It looks good for about an hour and then it starts flaking! Threw it straight in the trash!

  18. Picked the purple eyeshadow. Ipsy only sends me pinks and peaches even though I have colors selected as what I want. Ugh

  19. I've been testing the First Aid Beauty moisturizer and it's very good, but I ready have it. Then, as I have never heard about the others brands, I got the Fenty Cleanser. Hours later the cleanser was gone. Anyone knows if it's good?

  20. It is amazing!! You can get the Fenty cleanser and the Fat Water toner for $12 plus free shipping at Fenty Beauty! It's in their travel sets! Definitely worth trying!!

  21. I never received my November glam bag + add-ons. Now Ipsy says they are “out-of-stock”. Already skipped December, so disappointed 😢

  22. I chose the Tarte foundation. I love their Cloud CC cream and their Babasseau Foundcealer foundations. I haven’t tried the Face Tape yet and I love that I don’t have to pay full price to try it

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