Are there any known delays for the November glam bag shipped to Canada? Hasn't moved since the 11th of November on the dhl tracking tool.

  1. I'm missing my Glam Bag X and I'm in the I can't even track where it's at because it's moved on to reviews, etc. I sent another email to IPSY asking what to do next.

  2. I wrote this for my wife, she also sent them a message, they said to wait 15 business days before they can re-ship. Thanks for your reply.

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  4. Take the tracking # and look it up on Canada post. I'm in Alberta, the DHL is super delayed on updating for me. I usually get my package 10 days after the last update on DHL, which updates when it's delivered.. But Canada Post usually says if it was processed in Canada and all that.

  5. I'm in Vancouver and noticed this happen with my October bag. Didn't start moving until maybe 18th-24th. Got bag sometime in November. Something might be up with their warehouse as last 2 deliveries were also missing items.

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