Has anyone not got your November bag yet I haven’t gotten mine yet

  1. I normally would get it around today which would have been perfect since it's my bday but it is what it is lol as long as I can get it before I go on vacay I'm good🥲

  2. Haven't gotten mine, I emailed them today and they said it would be here December 2nd, it was shipped on November 9th so that's disgraceful. If I don't get the December one by mid-month I'm unsubscribing.

  3. Mine had been “tendered to delivery service provider” since the 15th. I got my pop up order already and it would have gone through the same dhl hub so I don’t know what is happening. I’m mad though because I bought a lot of add ons this time. My gbp came fast though. But I did my add ons in my gb. Sigh.

  4. Yes, and the link they provided for tacking is dead! Talked to the bot and got a good link but it is still in limbo.

  5. Nope. No movement since Nov 14. So frustrating! I cancelled my December bag because all the issues lately. It took two months for my September bag.

  6. I just got my glam bag ask for November and it’s a complete disappointment. I went on the chat and realized that I missing over half my bag there supposed to be sending the items I missing but I’m not holding my breath.

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  8. I have not. I’m a new subscriber and upgraded to the Glam X. I signed up on like the 15th. I have yet to receive a shipping update and hoped I would before the holiday weekend…otherwise, I guess I might not get it till December?

  9. Haven’t received my gb yet. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday, no movement since the 16th and it’s been in my city that whole time. Sigh. I was really excited about it and have a bunch of add ons I’m looking forward to. Fingers crossed it shows up

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