Black Friday Sale just posted

  1. I'm with you on the Boka...I love the toothpaste and that's my favorite manual toothbrush...cute, too! This same set on the Boka site's Black Friday sale is still twice the Ipsy price! I buy this every time I see it...although the Coco Ginger toothpaste us my favorite, and this is mint.

  2. I got one of the mystery bags since I skipped out on both base bag and gbp this month...also bought one of the hair brushes (been waiting on them to be sold at a reasonable price! Lol), the scalp massager (stocking stuffer for my bf who struggles with dandruff i was thinking??), both of those candles (i have a candle obsession lately...need them burning at all times lol), idr what else but I only spent like 50$ and I feel like I got a lot :).

  3. My husband uses one of those scalp massagers for his dandruff and it works wonders. I even use it in the shower it feels so good on the scalp.

  4. For “Black Friday” the sales seem to be mostly the same prices they’ve always been. I did grab one of the bundles cause those are the deals I guess. But the single products don’t seem marked down any.

  5. I hate when they do this. They had a Duo in their Flash sale where the description didn't match the picture at all. Like this is a mystery we didn't agree to.

  6. I can’t find the Boka kit anywhere, in the Black Friday tab, Pre Black Friday sale, or under Body & Accessories. Is it sold out? But there’s also no sold out listing like for other sold out products.

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