Addon spoilers are up

  1. Take my silver woman! You just saved me from having to find these myself and as a lazy girl, I appreciate that hahahahaha

  2. I have the straightening brush. I bought it for my son he has hair I long for. Its long just the right thicknesses, and corkscrew curls. I tried it on him (also have the flat iron) it went through his hair easily but took multiple tries to actually get it "straight" . I didn't want to put it on the highest setting and damage his hair, so that might change the final result. The flat iron is 1000x better at actually straightening, but the brush is decent just do not expect perfectly straight flat hair. It will have volume/body and some wave to it.

  3. FYI: I took that Fenty face wash on vacation with me because it says it removes makeup, it’s small and I didn’t want to bring two cleansers, basically. It actually does remove makeup, very well, actually. I’m not sure if it would remove waterproof mascara or not. I brought a tubing mascara on vacation with me.

  4. Oooh good to know, I'm definitely going to get it. I won't get it in time for my next trip but MAYBE Ipsy can get their shit together and I'll have it in time for my February trip🤣

  5. Why does that complex culture straightening wand look like you’d do a second pass and all your hair would burn off with it lol

  6. Do GB & GBP get different Add On offerings? I never really thought about this. I just finally got rid of my regular GB after 5 yrs and am getting my 1st GBP in December.

  7. Honestly I'm not 100% sure. I can only get GB in Canada but I have noticed some of the things advertised as GBP in my options, I just can't remember if it was within the same month or if they were available the following month. If that makes sense lol

  8. I love that wander mascara. I just ordered the sample of a different wander in one of their flash sales and it sucks. I definitely want it and maybe the alterna. I already bought some alterna cream from FFF add on sale and some alterna serum too so it might be too much but I do love their products. The truly, I love a good face scrub but not if they’re not scrubby enough. I got a Tula one that melts and it was so sad bc it’s full sized and I used it once and will never use again. My two favorite exfoliator scrubs are the dr Brandt microdermabrasion and dr goldmcfadon dr scrub bc they’re so intensely scrubby.

  9. I don't have experience with the truly face scrub, but I was curious as to which tula scrub you were talking about? I had their pumpkin sugar scrub and I found the best way to use it was dry and then add water to dissolve/rinse it away and I absolutely loved the results. Right now I'm working thru the Murad face scrub and it's ok but I'm pretty sure the beads are plastic and I thought that was bad for the environment so I wouldn't buy it again.

  10. I'm tempted too lol I bought that Farrah palm brush a couple months back and it's soooo good. I still use sponges for concealer though so those little ones are calling my name for sure 🤭🤭

  11. I’m personally excited by the December choice spoilers! I want the Shades by Shan blush palette and the Alterna CC cream for hair. I also wouldn’t mind trying the Wander Beauty mascara. Not so excited about the add-ons, but that’s good for my wallet 😅.

  12. There's only a couple things in add on spoilers I know I want but lord fucking knows how I am...impulse buyer of things I have too much of and don't REALLY need🤣

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