Hamas threatens violence over Jewish visits to Temple Mount over High Holidays | Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, senior member of Gaza-ruling terror group warns of ‘open religious war’ as Jewish group says it aims to double this year’s record number of visitors to site

  1. Crazy how a terror organization make themselves the spokesman of Islam, these kind of speeches are unislamic. They are so desperate and power greedy.. holding their population hostage for over 15 years.. we need a cast lead operation 2

  2. Im a muslim, yes its unislamic, but how do you feel is someone comes to your house, claim that its their house, and starts to cuff you and spray your face with pepper spray just because you are in your house?

  3. They will do it they did it even last year worse case is blow them up again show them who’s boss. Rather people like it or not they aren’t helping the people in Gaza just making matters worse

  4. Some people still think those threatening Jews with death for wanting to pray at our holiest site on our holiest day are the good guys smh

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