For Non-Serpent Spine users (WB/RH/or other claymores), what is your Crit circlet preference?

  1. Using CD circlet but I do have 74 cr from ascension + substats and I think it should be enough

  2. CR for sure. My CR is complete crap, 24% without the circlet because my artifact luck has been abysmal... and my only husk CR (or CD) circlet is a 4*. Considering just giving up on Husk entirely and just taking my best CR gear from everyone else.

  3. I have 97% CR and 135% CD with a CD artifact and SS. I have too much CR and want to transfer some to CD but don't want to pull on weapon banner. What can you advise me ? (use Whiteblind (even though it doesn't look good on him) ? Or maybe the shop CD weapon ?)

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